Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Jessica tells Kevin about Halting Hex (day 34, late-night)

Halting HexWe’re here with the final Big Brother 19 live feed update for day 34, and it’s a big one. After all, Kevin’s been told about the Halting Hex!

Maybe Jessica wanted to get the word out there to someone early, or it’s possible that she just wanted to spread some information ahead of time and see if it gets to everyone in the house. She wasn’t entirely honest about what it does and implied at one point that the power could end up getting the HoH on the block. (That’s not true, and with the feeds going off maybe she was told that she’s not allowed to use production as a strategy. Tough to say.)

The important thing is that Kevin now has this information, which makes for another funny reminder that he knows where more of the bodies are buried with these twists than almost anyone. He and Paul are the only people who know about the $25,000, he’s also well aware of Jessica’s, and obviously, he knew about Paul’s. Christmas’ temptation is really petty in comparison to the others, so there’s not even that much of a point of talking about it.

We’ve also seen already Kevin go around and spread some of this “news” about his temptation to other people, though more in a speculative fashion. He hasn’t straight-up said that Jessica has it, but he’s floating around the concept. Kevin is a smart dude! He’s able to withhold information while still having conversations that give him a better idea of where everyone stands.

Is Josh gonna keep it together?

We’re not sure that he will, given that paranoia is already starting to settle in about the vote that is coming up on Thursday. He’s been reassured multiple times that nothing is changing, but we are still THREE DAYS AWAY. The big issue that he seems to have tonight comes in the form of Mark and Elena, who are doing a rather-good job of creeping on people to try and get a sense of where everyone’s heads are at. This could be problematic if it continues. For now, though, these two and Cody are the only people voting to evict him from the game.

Beyond all of that, Mark is actually starting to struggle a little more with being in the house, and we wonder if his feelings towards Elena are starting to bring him closer to the edge. He’s told Cody that she and his ex are very similar, and while she’s got a thing for him, we think that this is one of those situations where his feelings for her are beyond that. We’re now relationship therapist, so we shall see what happens.

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