The Bachelorette finale: Will Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo win?

Peter KrausTonight, The Bachelorette is bringing to you its overnight dates a.k.a. the final three episode. By the end of this, either Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo, or Eric Bigger is going to be heading home. Typically with most episodes, we’re not so sure about the producers ending the show with a Rose Ceremony, but we know that they like to have the third-place finisher at the Men Tell All special and this is the only way to ensure that happens. Plus, there’s no reason to extend out this episode given that it tends to be one of the more boring ones. (Update: Well, turns out that they are saving the final three rose ceremony until the finale! Count us surprised.)

Regardless of what happens tonight, we could have an interesting finale moving forward given that all three of the remaining people are so different. Eric’s clearly the guy who has been through the most in life, but he is also the one that’s had the hardest time confessing to his feelings. With that, we consider him the one with the lowest odds of actually winning or even making it to the final two at the end of the epsiode.

Meanwhile, among the other two guys, you have someone in Peter who is sweet and very genuine, but the humor here comes in that there are people rooting against him with Rachel because they want them to be the Bachelor. It’s such a weird, almost-demented thing to want to do since you are effectively rooting for someone to get their heart broken on national TV. While Peter would get over it, it’s still painful. He’s just so far out in front in terms of being the favorite for the next Bachelor it’s hard to envision any other candidate. The only other time we think there’s been less of a competition than this was when Ben Higgins was chosen after Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season — sometimes, there is a reasonable debate between a few different people for the gig, but other times the picture is clear as day.

With the final remaining guy in Bryan, you’ve got almost the default favorite to win. He’s clearly been one of Rachel’s most-popular contenders this season from the jump, and he’s had great chemistry with her and only a few bumps in the road. (Also, the watch!) The biggest problem that he has is probably just that he’s a little bit cocky, but sometimes being confident in yourself and your abilities is a good thing. You just gotta know the right time to let the guard down and be a little bit vulnerable, given that it can be perceived as a little much if you come across as though you’re bragging about anything and everything under the sun. It looks as though it’s going to be far too much with Bryan and Rachel’s family tonight.

No matter what happens in the finale in Spain, it should make for a fairly good After the Final Rose and a worthy introduction to Bachelor in ParadiseIt’s also possible that we could have an earlier Bachelor announcement if it’s Peter, just because we wouldn’t understand the reason to wait given that he is clearly the person everyone would be rooting for.

Who do you want to win The Bachelorette based on the final contenders? Share in the comments below! (Photo: ABC.)

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