GLOW: what match ups should happen in a potential season 2?

GLOW season 2The first season of the freshmen dramedy, GLOW, on Netflix was met with critical acclaim for its originality and execution of the series. It was written beautifully and the overall storyline was extremely dynamic. So what should occur in a potential second season?

Well, plenty of exciting stories can occur.

The first storyline GLOW should continue is Sam’s newly-found relationship with Justine, his daughter. It was the surprise fans thought about, but didn’t think it was actually true. Throughout the season, Justine was always the oddball, with an interest in Sam. Many people thought it was a romantic interest, but as the series went on it felt like their relationship was something different. It was then revealed at the end of Season 1 that she was Sam’s daughter after Justine reminded him of an affair he had many years ago.

While this relationship may seem like the ordinary father/daughter complicated relationship story, there’s something about it that seems different. It could honestly be the fact that they are working on a wrestling television show about female wrestlers, each with a unique backstory in order to tell a story. But honestly, while the concept may be an old one, the father-daughter complicated relationship is set against a concept that it unique, which is why it should be continued in the second season.

One unanswered question that was left, was whether or not Cherry will take the role she was offered on a cop show. It definitely seems like the better offer, but fans also got the sense that Cherry loves working as a fake wrestler. So will she take the cop show’s offer? We certainly hope not. Her character proves that tough-spirit that often keeps the other girls in check. She’s the momma bear watching over her cubs. So if the girls lose her, we will all lose those often funny interactions between Cherry and the other women.

The biggest subplot that drove the series forward was Ruth and Debbie’s complicated friendship. Ruth’s affair with Debbie’s husband destroyed their friendship and made them enemies in life. However, now the two of them have a successful skit together in the ring. The two seem to at least respect each other, but will their friendship ever be restored? We hope so, but at the same time their conflict provides some of the best moments of the series. It also adds to their America vs. Russia skit that is the highlight of the television show they act on.

Now that Sam is pulling surprises on the girls, fans can expect some more exciting conflict. Season 1 ended with Sam changing the storyline of Ruth and Debbie’s skit in order to keep the storyline going, however, he didn’t tell the ladies. With Sam doing things like that, fans will be left guessing throughout Season 2 and that makes the a second season even more intriguing.

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