Outlander notes: Our favorite Print Shop quote; Sam Heughan cover; more

Print Shop quoteOutlander fans, are you starting to recover from the Comic-Con blitz? We’re not entirely sure that we have just yet, but it’s a process. We’ll get there hopefully over the next week or two, only to inevitably ramp things up again as we get closer to the show premiering.

As things are starting to quiet down, we’re not going to spend too much time diving into every little quote from every interview that happened over the course of SDCC. We think our article from Friday covers much of the press day (including videos and the likes), but there is one quote that we do want to highlight because we appreciate so much the sentiment within it. It, of course, revolves around the scene that so many are looking forward to in the Print Shop and the emotions that are associated with it. It’s not the most grandiose or descriptive comment out there, but there is a good deal that can be unpacked from it.

While speaking to Vulture, Sam Heughan had the following to say about the big Jamie – Claire reunion:

“When they are reunited, it is probably the point where they’re least prepared for it, because they have moved on and built a new life … It’s an exciting point for them to meet each other again.”

This is a simple quote, but it illustrates almost perfectly the push and pull of the scene. Emotionally, the two have been clouded for decades by grief, and within that time, they’ve tried to establish some sort of coping mechanism with varying degrees of success. They’re still struggling with it, but they, ironically, will find each other once they’ve finally arrived at a point where they start to feel themselves moving forward. This is what makes the emotional process for the two of them so interesting, given that the moment the two see each other, much of those coping mechanisms may start to fade away and they are back to exactly where they were so many different years before. It’s almost as though their minds have traveled back in time while their bodies are still in the present.

“Exciting”? That may be the biggest understatement ever.

Here’s something else that may be exciting for many of you…

If you love Heughan, you may have seen his cover for the South African edition of Men’s Health already. If not, here it is for you now below! Sam’s worked hard in order to get into this sort of physical shape, which is why a cover in the Men’s Health universe is considered such an honor. You don’t get that without earning it! The man is behind the My Peak Challenge movement, and he’s certainly at peak condition himself.

The cover was shot back when he was in South Africa filming the end of the third season; if you do want to learn more about Sam and some of his fitness tips, we suggest that you head over here to see a video featuring him at the gym he trained at for much of his time in the country.

Still want further Outlander news?

First of all, we don’t blame you! Second of all, we’re here to provide that. The biggest story we suggest reading now is the one regarding season 4 casting, which you can see over here. (Photo: Starz.)

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