The Flash season 4: Is Tom Felton leaving? Actor missing from Comic-Con

Tom Felton leavingIs Tom Felton leaving The FlashAt the time of the San Diego Comic-Con panel, we assumed that there would be more Julian Albert. However, things are looking a little murkier now. Felton did not appear during the panel, there wasn’t any scoop handed out about him, and the actor has been in Europe much as of late.

So does this mean that his time on the show is done? Not necessarily, but all indications suggest that he’s not going to be back as a regular. If he was, he would’ve turned up at some point during the convention or had his story mentioned more. This is, in fact, a bummer to us, given the fact that he’s done a sensational job as Julian; yet, it’s also easy to understand where the show is going given that so much of his story was tied to Savitar and to Killer Frost. As you saw in the season 4 trailer (which we’re going to have some more analysis on in due time), Killer Frost seems to be gone. Meanwhile, we’re also going to have a chance to see Team Flash move forward from the chaos of last season. Julian is a brilliant CSI and he served a great potential Caitlin love interest, but his abilities with the team were a little more limited. He wasn’t some brilliant science-doctor or inventor.

It’s our hope that Felton will be coming back at some point down the road this season, if for no other reason than to offer up some closure with Caitlin or share more of what he’s been up to. We do also think that he adds a good foil to the team, given that he does not often agree with the rest of them and having that source of tension here and there can be a good thing. It’s rather nice for there to often be conflict, even if it at first things can be sad to see these people fight. A little bit of tension makes the world go round!

The Big Bad for season 4 has already been confirmed to be The Thinker, and that character was already cast to go along with it. What’s somewhat interesting is that both with Odette Annable on Supergirl and Michael Emerson on Arrow, these shows are casting fairly big names. Yet, here on The Flash they haven’t felt a need to go that route. Maybe they’re focusing more in this instance on performers who they simply feel are right for the roles. Note that there is one other major character in Elongated Man who has been mentioned in casting breakdowns, but we haven’t met yet. If Julian is gone for some extended period of time, he could be someone to help fill the void.

Do you want to see Tom Felton coming back on The Flash, or did you feel like we had enough of a suitable conclusion for his story? Share in the comments below!

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