Power season 4 episode 5 debate: Should Ghost get out of jail?

Power season 4 episode 5Tonight on Power season 4 episode 5, we’re going to see an episode that we like to think of as the turning point for Ghost.

For the first time since the start of the season, there is someone doubting his guilt with the power (natch) to do something about it: Angela’s figured out that he didn’t hide the gun. If Jamie didn’t put it there in Truth, someone else did — hence, it’s a frame job. Even without that footage, Angela knew that Jamie would be awfully dumb to just store the gun in plain sight knowing what the ramifications for that could be.

In looking beyond just knowing about a frame job, Angela may also start to suspect Mike Sandoval in some manner as the guilty party. She saw his name come up in reviewing the footage last week, and the sneak peek for tonight’s episode showcases that Mike is very leery about the idea of throwing this new-found evidence into the trial. Anything that makes Jamie appear more innocent, at least to Sandoval, is a no-no in the court. (Of course, he knows that once Jamie is put away, he’ll be perceived more as being in the clear.)

The biggest reason to think that tonight could be the night for Jamie is that once you give Angela Valdez a lead, she’s going to follow that along to the point where she gets some answers. She hates Jamie for some of what he’s done, and yet she’s putting that aside for the sake of what she thinks is just and correct. (Note that there’s a super-fine line between hate and love, which is one of the reasons why we do still certainly think that it’s possible that two have some sort of romantic future down the road.)

Another reason to think that Ghost could be free is simply a matter of timing. Power doesn’t have long seasons, and we’ve already navigated a significant portion of our way through that. At a certain point, the series may start to pivot more towards what is clearly the other primarily storyline: Kanan and Tariq. It’s been building for a season and a half, but it’s hard to get to the emotional zenith of that while Jamie is still behind bars.

There’s a huge question to wonder here: Once Tariq learns more about Kanan’s history with Jamie, does he still value his friendship? Has 50 Cent’s character pulled him in so deep that he cannot be extracted from the chaos, and doesn’t want to side with his father? The longer that Ghost is behind bars, the more dangerous it becomes for his son falling into that life for good.

Granted, the sooner that Ghost gets out of jail, the more likely Kanan’s also going to get some bullets in him — that’s clearly another issue that the writers have to look at. There is zero reason for Ghost to do anything other than shoot this guy once he sees him and sees what he’s doing to his son. We don’t even think he’d mind going back to jail for good if it meant that Kanan is gone. Right now, he’s just unaware — he’s not blissfully unaware, given that it’s hard to be blissful from the inside of a jail cell.

Maybe there are some of you who’ve already seen the episode on the app for tonight and know these answers — for now, just know that we’re going to be coming back to resolve everything at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time/7:00 p.m. Pacific when we share our review, coupled with a preview for what is coming up on the show next.

Is tonight the night for Ghost on Power? Give us a sense as to what you’re thinking in the comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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