Doctor Who season 11: Should Jodie Whittaker make Comic-Con cameo?

Jodie WhittakerThe Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con is taking place tomorrow, and with Jodie Whittaker in the headlines, it makes sense to wonder: Could she be making an appearance at the convention?

for the record, let’s start things off with this: She’s not confirmed. The entirety of the panel is compromised with stars from this current Doctor Who season, and there hasn’t been much talk about that changing or adapting because of Whittaker’s hire. It would be interesting to see her turn up — for the longest time there were questions as to if the convention would serve as the site of the reveal — but honestly, it’s doubtful.

As a matter of fact, we’re not sure that we want it.

Before anyone questions or doesn’t know our perspective on the Whittaker casting (which is fantastic), it doesn’t have to do with who the Doctor is. It has more to do with this being a farewell to Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat. They deserve this to be a chance for them to have their moment in the sun and with their fans, mostly because if Whittaker is there, the entire panel becomes about someone who’s yet to even officially debut on the show. There are of course questions aplenty regarding Thirteen, her role, her style, and so much more, but it’s too soon for answers. Save her for Comic-Con next year, when she can show up and have an opportunity to speak out and discuss her story with context.

There is still one more Christmas Special coming with Capaldi, and rumor has it there could be some footage from said special at the panel. We also wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of getting to see a video message from Whittaker, as well — it’s nice to remind people that she’s coming and is excited to be a part of the universe, but you don’t want everything live in the room to be about a Doctor who Moffat is not writing and there’s no context when it comes to how anyone else will interact with them.

One of the things that we’re for sure excited for is that this is going to be a great opportunity to see Pearl Mackie aboard the Comic-Con stage, which she hasn’t done before. (She previously appeared at New York Comic-Con.) This is a convention like no other in terms of the sheer size of it — after all, Hall H holds thousands upon thousands of people, and it’s almost like going to a sporting event. There’s a reason why they don’t clear this room out in the same way that they do others!

Do you want to see Whittaker in some shape or form represented at Comic-Con? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

For the fun of it, you can check out the New York Comic-Con appearance from the Doctor Who cast below, if you haven’t seen it. (Photo: BBC.)

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