Agents of SHIELD season 5: The state of Mack, Yo-Yo

MackIf you have been refreshing the internet looking for some Agents of SHIELD season 5 Comic-Con news as of late, you know the score. There is no panel for the show this year, with the biggest reason for that being that there isn’t that much to share just yet. The cast and producers will be at New York Comic-Con later this year, and that will be a chance to dive into anything and everything when it comes to the team and the stories ahead then.

For the time being, why not give a small character tease on Mack and Yo-Yo? At the end of season 4, she made a dangerous sacrifice in trying to ensure that Mack came back to the actual world via the Framework. She eventually brought him back, and with that, there may be questions as to whether or not the two would consider starting a family right away to try to mirror what was there within that world. Given that family clearly means a lot to Mack, and he’s a man who has also been wrestling with some grief for a rather long time, it makes some sense for him to wonder about if this could be a path to his ultimate happiness

Is it a possibility down the road? Certainly, it seems that way, but this is not something that you should expect to become a key plot point the moment that season 5 starts airing.

In speaking on this subject further to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Jeff Bell had the following message to pass along: on what the commitment between the two looks like now — and while you should press pause for now on the idea of children right away:

“It’s them saying, ‘Look, I think what we both learned is we could have a future together.’”

Among the things that are nice about Agents of SHIELD and the way that the writers handle romance is that they don’t rush anything — it feels genuine, organic, and built mostly out of the time characters spend with each other rather than people running into each others’ arms. There are no repetitive love triangles or other nonsense to distract characters from the cause and the mission at hand. Instead, there is more of a concentrated effort in order for characters to get to know one another better before considering feelings. If there is romance, it’s presented in a mature way that doesn’t shift the brand of the show. We expect some great Mack and Yo-Yo scenes much in the way that we do good FitzSimmons stuff — we don’t expect it to come every episode, but every now and then is enough.

The wait continues

There are a number of things to be psyched for this season, from the built-in mythology to the fact that we are coming off of what may be one of the best storylines that we’ve seen Agents of SHIELD do. The thing we’re a little more bummed about is having to wait until Inhumans is over to actually see what lies ahead for Coulson and company.

While you wait, you can head over to the link here to get some further Agents of SHIELD news. (Photo: ABC.)

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