The Flash season 4 trailer; also, The Thinker and Danny Trejo

Danny TrejoThere are several notable news items that came out today on The Flash at San Diego Comic-Con, but let’s start with the big casting news that’s dominated much of the summer!

It has now been officially confirmed that Neil Sandilands, best known for playing the part of Titus on The 100is going to be the Big Bad for the season in Clifford DeVoe. He’s otherwise known as The Thinker, and he possesses extreme mental powers that could challenge The Flash and alter Central City in a way that we haven’t had a chance to see before on the show. This is the first time in which we haven’t had a chance to have a Speedster Big Bad, so suffice it to say we’re curious to see how this alters the story and the legacy of The Flash as a series as we know it. There are now opportunities for this show to get a little bit more creative and try out some interesting ideas and things. It needs that. Season 3 was very good, but also a step down when you got around to the end of it. This is a clean slate and a chance for the show to be different than Arrow season 4 was. (Fourth seasons are tricky in general, but especially for this universe.)

Meanwhile, there are two other interesting bits of casting news to report.

Kim Engelbrecht – The Dominion actress is playing the Mechanic, a smart and super-devoted follower to The Thinker. She’s a skilled engineer and will do everything that she can in order to further ensure that his plans are successful in the end.

Danny Trejo – Yes, you read that correctly. The former Machete star is appearing on the series in the role of Breacher, who is the father of Gypsy and arguably the most terrifying character that Cisco Ramon has ever faced … it’s meeting someone’s parents upped to the fifth power.

Now, let’s talk the new trailer

This doesn’t really reveal that much in terms of what is coming with DeVoe, but it does bring you back to the central cliffhanger at the end of last season: Barry Allen putting himself into the Speed Force as a sacrifice and a way to try and make the world better. Because of some terrifying killer samurai running around Central City, the mission to get Barry back is increasingly in terms of importance a million times over. Be prepared for one of the most dangerous, and exciting, premiere episodes yet. Iris West gets to take center stage for a lot of it, which is awesome mostly because Candice Patton is.

Also, Killer Frost is back … but not Killer Frost anymore. Danielle Panabaker has a slightly different wardrobe as Caitlin Snow, but doesn’t seem to be all that affected otherwise by what she’s went through as her frosty alter ego.


Based on what we’re seeing so far…

This looks awesome, and there is a definite reason to be psyched to get The Flash running our way this fall.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the link here for some further insight regarding Wentworth Miller and his big return to the universe. (Photo: The CW.)

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