Supergirl season 3 spoilers: Chris Wood returning; this trailer gets dark

Chris WoodThere’s a lot of different Supergirl news to get to within this article, but we know many should be thrilled to know Chris Wood is returning!

While at San Diego Comic-Con today for its panel discussion, it was officially confirmed that we are going to be seeing Mon-El back on the show at some point, but the circumstances surrounding that are not entirely clear at the moment. Wood himself was on the panel today, so it is probably fair to assume that his part this season is substantial and he’s not some recurring player who will be turning up here and there. (We only wish that we could say the same thing about Maggie — insert some tear emojis into your brain here.)

It wasn’t that long ago we first wrote an article debating just how long Mon-El should be gone from the world of the show, and while in there we said that the right thing to do would be to keep him for around three or four episodes somewhere else. You want to have the feeling of him being gone, but also still bring him back before things get too depressing — and there may be a slight tinge of depression in the air in the first place for Kara Zor-El and those around.

As the new trailer for season 3 reveals below, one of the biggest things that is going to be coming within this season is Kara regretting being Kara — she seems to be over the idea of having a normal, human life after losing Mon-El, and seems to be fine sticking with Supergirl duty and closing off that part of herself. That’s probably not good for anyone in National City, given the fact that she is meant to be the sworn protector of so many of these people. It’s better if she is able to empathize with them in some way and understand their plight.

After all, these people are going to need Supergirl more than ever given the fact that Odette Annable’s character of Reign is coming, and she is a worldkiller like no other! She was deemed as the Big Bad for the season some time ago, and she’s known for being extremely dangerous and ruthless. It was teased at the panel that this is a very different story for Reign than what’s in the comics, and on some level, you will feel for her. Consider this a cause for even further excitement. Also, there is still a costume reveal coming.

One more thing to know here in advance is that Adrian Pasdar, who you probably know from either Heroes or Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, will also be stopping by as Morgan Edge, a real-estate developer who will have his vision for the future of National City — and may clash with Lena Luthor along the way.


Just in case none of this is enough for you…

We’ve got some more news on Supergirl when it comes to Cat Grant over at the link here, so we recommend that you check that out. Also, remember that season 3 of Supergirl is going to be premiering on The CW this fall, and there are going to be some more surprises in store before long.

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