Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Final 13 Veto winner (day 32)

final 13 Veto winnerIt didn’t take long for the final 13 Veto winner to be revealed in the Big Brother 19 house today, at least in comparison to past years.

When the dust did settle, it was eventually revealed that it was none other than Jessica who took home her second straight competition win! That gives her the power to determine what the course of the week is, at least in terms of who is on the block.

There are two things that feel interesting about her mindset at present.

1. She seems confident about targeting Josh – Is Josh someone who is coming after Jessica and Cody like nobody’s business? Absolutely, but he also has yet to win a single competition and is an emotional threat most of the time. Maybe he’s the housefly of the house, but he’s not a hornet ready to sting at any given moment. He’s not someone who she really needs to be shaking in her boots over.

2. She already made a mistake – Why nominate Ramses? He wasn’t a threat to her game, and there is no guarantee that Ramses would go home if he was sitting up there.

Based on what Jessica told Christmas right after the Veto, though, she doesn’t have any plans to use the Veto. This is dubious, at best. We understand the sentiment of wanting to comfort to the rest of the house and not cause any further strife, but there’s a difference between not ruffling feathers and doing something that will lead to the collapse of your own game. In this case, we are looking more at the latter if the plan to evict Ramses goes through. Right now, it feels as though there are the numbers in place to send Ramses home, and how uneventful that would be given that he’s barely been a presence on the show so far this season.

By the same token, there’s also something very interesting about losing two of your most-prominent superfans in both Cameron and Ramses before the jury phase of the game even began. Josh is actually a bigger fan of the show than he’s let on in there, but not anywhere near as much as either one of the other two guys that we’ve mentioned.

There is still plenty of time for the future of this week to be decided. Remember for a moment or two here that the Veto Ceremony isn’t until Monday, and with that, we’re going to get a chance of what Jessica’s thinking is between now and then. She’s not Cody, so she’s not going to keep some secret plan for the week to herself. She’s going to share with someone, and then we’ll see what happens from there.

Oh, and of course you’ll be able to check out the highlights from later today over at the link here a little bit later. That’s where you can also take a look at our weekly interviews with executive producer Allison Grodner. (Photo: CBS.)

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