Turn: Washington’s Spies sneak peek: Isn’t plotting against Simcoe fun?

Turn: Washington's Spies sneak peekThere’s a new episode of Turn: Washington’s Spies arriving on AMC in a mere matter of hours, but before getting to that, let’s spend a moment reveling in one of our favorite activities: Watching people plot against Simcoe and predict his downfall.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, right?

Well, there is a good part of this sneak preview (see below) that is very misleading, given that you may think for a moment or two that Abe and Hewitt are actually going to be successful in what should be called Operation Bring This Tool Down a Peg. It appears at first almost as though they poison him in the midst of a gathering, and he flops around on the floor like a fish. Revenge has been enacted, and we’re then at the end of the road for their plot.

However, this turns out to be very much smoke and mirrors as Turn gives us a rare dream sequence — though it’s much more of a fantasy plot than a guy’s subconscious running wild at night. We catch Abe and Hewitt in the middle of a lengthy planning session, one in which the two parties are doing everything that they can in order to better ensure that they get what they want out of their mission: They want Simcoe gone, and with that, his head on some sort of a platter (preferably silver — isn’t that so much better?).

That hope, alas, doesn’t seem to be coming immediately, as they immediately figure out that the whole idea of poisoning him isn’t going to work out. It would leave too much of a paper trail on them, and they do need to be careful with just how much evidence they leave no matter what plan they choose to execute. Mess this up, and there’s a reasonably good chance that it’s their heads that are being properly positioned and served up the British.

This preview is indicative mostly of the resourcefulness and also the desperation that Abe is feeling in the midst of what happened to his father. His thirst for revenge may be clouding his judgment slightly, but with Hewitt’s help, the two may be to ascertain a more worthy plot that will get the job done.

Do we know when Simcoe’s time is actually up in history? We do, but for the sake of this show, it’s better in some ways to view it in a vacuum. That leads to the ability to have a significantly larger amount of creative freedom than the story would otherwise were we to babble on about historical facts throughout. With that being said, it’s one thing to modify events ever so slightly from where they are in history; it is another thing completely altogether to alter them to the point where you don’t even recognize the world anymore and you’re altering the timeline like a Legend of Tomorrow.

Check back later

We’re going to have a review of this Turn: Washington’s Spies episode in the same place that we have all of the others: Our show archive! (Photo: AMC.)

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