Pearl Mackie should appear in the Doctor Who Christmas Special — here’s why

Pearl MackieWill Pearl Mackie be in the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year? There’s no way to know for certain on that, and good luck trying to get anyone over at BBC or BBC America to confirm anything. What we do know is this: If she’s not around, it would be a bummer of the biggest kind to not have one more send-off to the character, who faces an even more uncertain future following this episode.

What we know for certain is this: Steven Moffat is done as showrunner after the special. Meanwhile, the same goes for Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and potentially Rachel Talalay as director. It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Michelle Gomez as Missy for a while, especially when you consider what happened to her. Given that almost everyone in the Doctor Who universe seems to be plotting a fond farewell, it makes sense that we start to prepare for the end of the road with Mackie’s Bill.

The one thing that we don’t want in the process is for the series to minimize the impact that Mackie had on the show just because she was only a part of one season. We know that it’s expected / customary for someone like Jenna Coleman to show up, but Mackie also has a part of great importance. She was completely introduced to this world by the Twelfth Doctor, while Clara was already there and able to provide some sort of assistance. It’s a different situation and a different dynamic, but both have great import to the series being what it is.

Also, Bill was just on the show, and she is therefore super-fresh of mind. We also would be more than happy to get a little bit Nardole at the same time.

While we are not saying goodbye to Doctor Who forever in this Christmas Special, we are ending off an era. Moffat’s gone, and Chris Chibnall is coming in with a new Doctor in Jodie Whittaker and a totally new vision. It could be a great show, but it’s not the same show and the last thing that we would ever want to do is forget about a time in which Doctor Who featured some of these characters. Celebrate them all, give them one last toast, and give Clara one final trip aboard the Tardis — maybe we’re speaking metaphorically here, but the point still stands.

Following that, we’ll be content to allow many of these figures to become distant parts of the other side of the horizon. We just need a little more time with them before making it to that point.

Now, your thoughts

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