Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Joshing around (late-night, day 31)

Joshing aroundWe started writing this article for Big Brother 19 on day 31, so we’re going to consider it that no matter what!

Anyhow (ahem), let’s dive into what was a fairly entertaining late-night in the house — which included a really entertaining conversation in which Kevin learned about Netflix and chill amidst a number of other things with Elena, Paul, and Kevin during a Friendship Chat earlier tonight on the live feeds and After Dark. Despite Cody being back in the house and Jessica being Head of Household, there aren’t too many people feeling altogether depressed — other than maybe Josh, who is pretty bummed and, ironically, not really joshing around at all in the metaphorical sense. (If you want to define “Joshing” in the context of the show as “being hyper-emotional and upset beyond consolation,” he’s got that down pat.)

As of right now, Josh is on the block against Ramses and he probably feels like he’s going home. However, we’re not so sure that will happen given that Christmas and others are already pushing for him to stay, knowing that if he goes, they lose a number in the house. Ramses is the obvious pawn right now, but Josh is in some ways a pawn in equal measure. The plan probably is to consider Paul if the opportunity is there, but that’s a dumb decision in its own right because either Josh or Ramses probably goes home over Paul if a backdoor or replacement nomination situation happens. Jessica should’ve nominated Raven and Matt and nominated Paul following that if she wanted to ensure that he actually left the game. As of right now, she’s really not ensuring anything at all.

One thing we do want to say is that people are giving Christmas a lot of grief for calling Ramses a “triple threat” earlier, but we do think she’s right at the end of this season. Name one competition from the final six onward that Josh is going to win. Meanwhile, look at all of the memory competitions, puzzles, and competitions that don’t require a ton of physical strength. There’s a reason that superfans like Steve and Ian fare so well at the end of the game — they know what to expect and have been preparing for it the entire season. Ramses is probably a top five threat in the house just because he can win at the end and make a good case for himself as someone who really had to fight in order to be there.

For now, we’ll sign off as we await the Veto Players in the morning. One thing to remember is that Christmas does have the temptation that she can replace someone if she chooses, but that’s a toss-up for her given that she’s not cleared medically for every competition. If she can stop someone else from winning, though, that’s still something.

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