5 characters we love in the Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie sneak peek

Jungle MovieJust when we thought that Comic-Con wouldn’t send a direct hit right to our feels, we then get the new Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie preview. This is the first time that we’ve seen some sort of footage from the upcoming revival of our favorite childhood cartoon, so seeing everything rush back into our brain here was almost overwhelming. It was engrossing, entertaining, heartwarming, and everything in between. The preview is a somewhat modernized version of the original nineties cartoon, but there is still that timeless quality to it that we very much appreciate. That’s what made the original show so great, and it was similar to another childhood favorite in Calvin in Hobbes when it comes to the vibe.

This sneak peek below gives you a good sense of how Nickelodeon looks to bridge the gap between viewers old and new, presenting in the form of a footage package a highlight reel of all of the good Arnold has done for the world. In here, you get some testimonials from some of the people who Arnold has helped over the years, including some of our favorites. Here are five who stand out most to us.

1. Monkeyman – He’s a superhero (sort of) named Monkeyman, and even though he was really only a part of one episode, we remember him vividly.

2. Stoop Kid – He was afraid to leave his stoop. Now, Arnold’s empowered him to terrorize other people even when he’s not on said stop any more.

3. Eugene – One of our personal favorite characters of the entire season; he’s the clutzy redhead near the end of the sneak preview with a pattern for consistently hurting himself and having terrible luck.

4. Big Patty – Really the show’s embodiment of never judging a book by its cover; the show was years ahead of its time when it comes to her storyline and her eventually finding herself.

5. Robert – Basically, we used to think that he was our childhood doppelganger (photo proof below, far left). He also probably has one or two lines at best over the course of the entire series. We’re probably in the 0.1% of the fan base who even knows who he is.

Jungle Movie

Why, Pigeon Man, why?

This is our moment of controversy in stating that Pigeon Man shouldn’t be a part of the preview. It’s true that we love him as a character, but it’s also true that this is someone whose exit from the show, drifting off to an unknown place with his pigeons, was one of the most beautiful endings that the show ever created. We like to think that he’s still out there somewhere. Sometimes, it’s best to leave well enough alone, though once again we’re probably in the 0.1% who cares about this and nobody else will.

Let’s get back to the story

There is a reason why this is included, as the story of The Jungle Movie revolves around Arnold trying to find his way to San Lorenzo in order to find his parents. This video seems to be part of a contest in which Arnold could embark on the trip as a result. So, it’s a great way to catch up, but there is that larger meaning to it, as well.

As always, we do welcome your thoughts in the comments! Also, check out our list of the definitive Hey Arnold episodes in the event you haven’t already. (Photo: Nick.)

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