Should Descendants 3 happen on Disney Channel in the future?

Descendants 3

Tonight, Descendants 2 is airing on the Disney Channel, and it’s already clear that it is taking the internet by storm. With that said, is it time to start talking about a Descendants 3 at this point? We have one response to that, and it’s rather simple: Never say never. As a matter of fact, it feels almost like a lock. This movie franchise may still be fairly young, but it has an enormous and super-loyal following. There are all sorts of merchandising opportunities out there, and there are some further Disney characters who could be explored on some level.

What we do know is that in the event that a Descendants 3 does happen in the future, the folks behind the scenes have lofty goals. Specifically, director Kenny Ortega is looking to get a who’s who of famous Disney Channel alumni to show up in the movie. Here’s what he had to say in an interview, per People’s Choice:

“I would like Miley [Cyrus] to come back and I would like Vanessa [Hudgens] to come back … How about the Jonas Brothers could all come back and be our Lost Boys?”

Would we be all for that? To a certain extent, sure — it would be a huge ratings win for the franchise provided that it wasn’t entirely stunt casting, and it would also allow some of these people to have a rather nice homecoming. The larger problem that we see is convincing all of these people to want to do this given that they don’t have that much motivation for wanting to jump on board. After all, their careers are already in a great spot, so would they be willing to adjust their schedules in order to make this happen? We know that there was a time when everyone wanted to get away from the Disney Channel brand to develop something of their own, but it’s been a long time and we feel like they could all go back, have some fun, and then go on to do some other things.

If there is a Descendants 3, we anticipate that it will probably be coming in 2019. We don’t understand why at this point they just don’t go to the big screen, given that it’s pretty clear that this is a property that could make some substantial money there — let along all of the other merchandise we’ve already mentioned.

Let’s get some of your thoughts on this

Do you want to see a Descendants 3, and if so, what do you think about some of the thoughts that Ortega has on the subject? Be sure to sound off now in the attached comments! At some point next week, we’re hoping to get a sense of the second season’s ratings. (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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