Dark Matter season 3 episode 8 review: Evil Android; blink drive’s power

Dark Matter season 3 episode 8 reviewTonight, Dark Matter season 3 episode 8 wasted no time making things chaotic — which shouldn’t be much of a shock. What was a little more of a shock, however, was seeing a little bit of The Android’s surprising behavior patterns. She’s someone that the team has counted on for … well, almost everything this season from undercover missions to seeing the future.

It was pretty clear to Five that Android was acting strange when she started to do something that she rarely ever does: Offer up excuses, and say that she had “better things to do” than a hair appointment. The invasion of the Android snatcher was a big deal when it comes to her overall purpose of allowing Ryo to get on board the show and get what he’s been after for a little while now: The blink drive. He thought that he’d figured out this whole plan to get on board the ship seamlessly, but as it turns out, he underestimated Five! She was able to sneak off, get the blink drive, and then take off with it.

It still took a while for the Raza team to actually understand what was happening on the ship, or the people who managed to sneak aboard it. Were it not for Sarah, they wouldn’t have gotten the tip-off. This led to an epic showdown between Two and Ryo, one where the two discussed betrayal and how they may somehow have a few things in common more than they thought. He, unfortunately, had the manpower on the ship, and some of the leverage to go along with that to make however many demands or be as awful as he pleased. Yet, there were a few moments in here where we were reminded of the old Four, the man that at one point existed before the betrayal.

In the end, though, the hacked version of The Android was really the one running the ship, and despite Five’s attempts to bring the old Android back, she wasn’t met with a whole lot of success. She had the help of Sarah, but that was only going so far with her. She eventually woke up and found herself confronted by Evil Android, who was certainly terrifying before it was revealed that there was a secret override: “Hot Chocolate.” This allowed Five enough time in order to create an out for herself and the drive — at least for the time being.

Anytime that we get a chance to see Five be the hero is something that we’re going to celebrate, given that she is such an underdog and not the first person anyone would expect to kick butt, take names, and get the job done. Yet, she emerged from the ashes here as the person responsible for giving the team the momentum necessary to plot their escape.

To take the deal or not take the deal?

This is one of the larger questions that was wondered as Six went into negotiations, insisting that giving over the blink drive is bad news. It’s far more dangerous, after all, then so many people realize!

The actions of Five and others did enough for Six to be able to escape and rejoin Two and Three, which led them all back eventually to a confrontation with Ryo. What we saw tonight constituted a victory, but also a fairly incomplete one.

Your cliffhanger

Well, this wasn’t good. Basically, the power of the blink drive is SERIOUS business. Everyone on the Raza Crew is now on the ground.


While this is a show that has done its fair share of experimental episodes over time, Dark Matter tonight actually brought you a story that was significant to the overall arc of the season. Cheers to Five for her heroism, and getting multiple sides of The Android is always fun. Episode Grade: B+.

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