Will Major Crimes season 6 be the final season? Let’s hope not…

Major Crimes season 6Throughout the month of July, we’ve been asking questions in our TV Lifespans series about the future of certain shows. It was inevitable we’d get to Major Crimes in due time.

Let’s start this article off with a declaration: We personally love the show and would be thrilled if it sticks around for another decade. Quality old-school crime shows are going by the wayside, and this one has a great cast, interesting mysteries, and there is an effort being made here to keep up with the times. We appreciate that rather than the show sputtering out and not trying any risks this far into the run.

Our frustration with Major Crimes at the moment has little to do with the writing, producing, or acting in the series; it has more to do with the utterly baffling way in which TNT is handling the show’s promotion and scheduling. You have an excellent crime series, so why in the world do you schedule the second half of season 5 opposite Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Minds? What in the world does that accomplish beyond just making people very upset? The ratings suffered from it, and while we know that there were some conflicts that made scheduling difficult, there had to be easier solutions than what the show ultimately did.

Now, the next frustration comes in waiting until fall in order to see the start of Major Crimes season 6. This is a show that thrives in the summer, but alas, things aren’t working out that way. We didn’t mind it when the show aired over the holiday season in the past, and that’s just because there wasn’t all that much in the way of competition out there. In the age of oversaturation, you want to find your own niche. The success of a show in Vikings proves further that airing in late December/early January still works in this modern era.

Will these scheduling issues kill the show?

We hope not. We know that the ratings for season 5 were down, but Major Crimes still remains one of TNT’s highest rated and most-watched shows. It’s also one of the few that really harkens back to a different era for the network when crime series were its bread and butter. We do realize that all good things do come to an end, and we saw this with Rizzoli & Isles. Our hope here is that you give Major Crimes another couple of seasons at least to further these stories along before shutting things down — and maybe at that point, you leave things open-ended to come back down the road. There are always going to be criminals in Los Angeles, and while we want the current cast around forever, this is a show more about the division and there is flexibility for things to change here and there down the road if need be.

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Also, let us know in the comments how long you’d like to see Major Crimes last! (Photo: TNT.)

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