Big Brother 19 debate: Battle Back winner scenarios

Battle BackTonight on Big Brother 19the Battle Back show is going to air, so leading up to that, let’s take a page from Jozea and have fun with scenarios.

There are four contestants eligible to go back into the house: Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique. Each one of them carries their own set of skills, and each one of them could do something interesting in the event they return. With Cameron, it’s almost like having a completely new person back into the game, and we almost hope that happens just because he’s been gone for so long that we don’t know where he stands in the slightest. The only thing he knows is that he didn’t get a friendship bracelet from Paul the first night.

Let’s map out what some of these players could do, and also how they will act in the game in the event that they end up returning.

Cameron – He’s a total wild card and that’s exciting. We figure that some of the other outcasts, like Kevin, Ramses, Jason, and Alex, will try to scoop him up. He’s a much better fit there than he would be with the showmances. He could last a little while because he’s not going to make anyone all that mad and his first eviction was super-flukey and not altogether his fault. We’re in part using him for the article image because there is probably not going to be another opportunity to do so anytime soon. If the format is similar this time, he has the hardest road to entering the game.

Jillian – She’s the most likely to go back in and make it far just because she’s not going to do much of anything. She didn’t ruffle feathers, she didn’t do anything crazy, and she seems like a reasonable person who wasn’t hated when she was evicted.

Cody – He’s a little more humble and savvy now, but he and Jessica are such an enormous threat that it’s hard to imagine the two of them being a small target. The only reason Jess is doing better right now is because Cody is gone. He’ll be great drama for a week or two and then go right back out.

Dominique – This is effectively the same thing as Cody unless Dominique somehow wins Head of Household or someone like Mark gets it and refuses to nominate her. She’s a much better player than Cody, but it didn’t seem like she was really willing to do what she needed to do to stick around on the show. That probably makes her a good person, but Big Brother isn’t a show that often rewards people for being nice. It’s a little more brutal than that.

We’ll know who wins the Battle Back in a matter of hours! Be sure to share in the comments below who you want to see emerge from this as the champion.

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you want some further news regarding Big Brother. For the record, we’re hoping to have our latest weekly interview with Allison Grodner a little later in the day. (Photo: CBS.)

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