The Night Shift season 4 episode 5 review: Drew’s plane heroics; TC’s choice

Night Shift season 4 episode 5Tonight’s new episode of The Night Shift is entitled “Turbulence,” and this episode started off with an introduction to Drew’s mother. He was aboard an airplane with her, Rick, and Brianna, and all of a sudden, there was a need for a doctor on the flight.

Little did Drew realize just how big of a need there would be. As the episode progressed, an increasingly large number of people found themselves in need of some treatment as the bug spread from one person to the next. To make matters even more challenging, there was also a woman on the plane who went into labor after trying to fly to her husband so that they could be together for the birth.

If this was a less-excellent doctor, maybe things would have gone a little less successfully. Luckily, this is Drew, and he handled everything better than anyone else would. With Rick and his mom at his side, he was able to treat everyone well enough so that they could make it back to San Antonio to receive proper treatment.

We teased before the episode that this was a big Brendan Fehr episode (read our interview with him for more) — he clearly did not disappoint.

The drama at the hospital and beyond

The show started off with a little bit of an American Ninja Warrior crossover to further promote a cystic fibrosis campaign — this seemed like a lot of exercise, and everyone was wondering where in the world Scott was for much of that. As it turned out, he was getting a little bit of “exercise” of his own courtesy of his new date. They went back to her room, where she handcuffed him, they started having sex … and then she passed out. Well, that is awkward. He had to figure out how to help a woman he barely knew, after just having intercourse with her. She ended up getting some treatment, but not without all sorts of cringeworthy moments along the way.

Back at the fundraiser, things took a slightly less-than-fun turn when some conflict broke out between Kenny and Paul. Shannon tried to step in to help the two of them, and the good news is that eventually, they were able to start to patch things up a little bit. The Night Shift team won, but in the end, they found themselves having to head back to the hospital to help some of the people who were sick aboard the plane.

One more update from the hospital — Cain and Jordan. That looks to be a thing. They’re going dancing!

TC’s new crisis

Apparently, TC was finding more than a purpose while in Syria — he also had slept with Amira. Unfortunately for him, this episode was far from a bed of roses given that the two had to operate on someone with an explosive attached to them that could cause them — and everyone around them — to be dead in the process.

Unfortunately, there was another twist that came through even after TC started to care for her — she was in need of treatment herself, and TC wanted to convince her to come back to the states with him. She wasn’t anywhere near as interested in doing that … at first. She eventually decided to get treatment, but in London rather than America. Also, it turns out that she’s … married? Really? Well, this sucks for TC in two different ways.

Overall take

This was an episode that had more or less everything, whether it be humor, dramatic moments, a plane delivery like no other, and then also some great moments for not just Drew, but all of the other characters in the show. In terms of combining medicine with great character moments, this was one of the best episodes of the whole season. Grade: B+.

Where will things go next on The Night Shift?

In the event you are interested in securing some other news when it comes to The Night Shift, you can read a preview now over at the link here! (Photo: NBC.)

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