Zoo season 3 episode 4 review: Mitch and Jamie’s short-lived reunion

Zoo season 3 episode 4 reviewBy and large, we’d argue that Zoo season 3 episode 4 was a case of good news and bad for various members of the team. Take, for example, the entire team reuniting, only for everyone to then split off in different directions. Mitch and Jamie were starting to get romantic after so many years apart (let’s just say there’s a lot of pent-up tension there), only for her to be in handcuffs at the end of the episode.

One of the ways that Jamie has clearly changed is that she’s a lot more ruthless than ever before, whether it be keeping stowaways or what she did at the end of the episode — doing away with the Falcon in order to ensure that the hybrid force would be slowed down before it started to take over new regions. Most of the second half of this episode was set in New York, where some people in the city are going to be experiencing the likes of hybrids for the first time. Let’s just say that this is not going well for them.

The one thing that is a shame about losing the Falcon right now is pretty simple: This character is all sorts of crazy-entertaining. She was pretty much as evil as evil can be (who steals children to use for experimentation?) As for how much Jamie can do now that she’s under arrest, we suspect her reach will be pretty limited. It’s going to be especially difficult when you consider that she has zero shame or interest in hiding the fact that she killed the Falcon.

We do like this new Jamie; unfortunately, this new Jamie also is in a place where she is willing to anything to achieve her goals. She’s ambitious, and connecting to some of the other characters over time could prove difficult when she continues to go this hard.

Is the work of the Sheppard’s really over? We suspect not since Jamie mentioned that there are two out there.

Abraham and Dariela’s desperation

At the end of this past episode, the two characters were given an offer in order to get Isaac back. However, what it meant would be capturing Clementine. The idea of that is devastating since basically they were told that in order to get back their family, they would have to give up Mitch’s daughter. It was the most horrible situation that they could’ve been in, and as Abe kept secrets from Jackson and the team, it was pretty darn clear that they were going to be making a rather desperate move. Based on what we saw at the end of the episode, there are going to be some more desperation situations to come.

The problem that eventually stemmed from all of this drama was that there was a clear, surprising divide between Abraham and Dariela in terms of what to do about this. Abe didn’t want to turn on Jackson in the end; however, Dariela felt a little bit differently and gave most fans out there a reason to be angry tonight.

Overall take

Maybe there was too much going on in this episode, given that we had so many reunions, an arrest, hybrid attacks, and further violence in a very short period of time. That was a LOT for the series to take on; at least for the most part it was incredibly entertaining along the way. Grade: B+.

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