Big Brother 19 episode 11 review: Who has the Halting Hex temptation?

Halting HexTonight, Big Brother 19 is delivered probably its most-anticipated eviction episode in some time. We’ve got an eviction, but beyond that, we do also have the arrival of the Halting Hex temptation. Who has that is going to be integral to the show’s future, and of course also the Battle Back episode that is going to air tomorrow.

Ever since the twist was introduced into the game yesterday and it was confirmed that somebody took it, one of the biggest mysteries that came about was rather simple: Who had it, and why were they being so coy about it?

Going into the show, the three candidates in our head were Jessica, Dominique, and Kevin. The first two were the ones who had the biggest incentive to keep things a secret, and with Kevin, what we’ve realized is that he’s really tough to read when he has secrets. Also, we know that America loves him.

This is going to be a LIVE review of tonight’s episode, so be sure to refresh the page throughout for some more updates! This is going to be a crazy one…

Pickle Juice gate

After the fallout of the Veto Ceremony, which included Dominique and Elena having a minor tiff, we ended up seeing the lengthy segment all about Mark and Josh’s pool game gone wrong. As it turns out, Josh did cheat in order to get himself the win. He double-tapped the ball! The real problem came in the aftermath of this, as Josh didn’t take too kindly to Mark then throwing pickle juice and hot sauce in his face … something that the loser was supposed to drink.

We understand that Josh cheated, but the issue here for Mark is that he’s way too caught up in the game. The right move is that you let Josh win, appease him, and build more of a friendship a little bit later. That didn’t happen, and Josh’s meltdown led eventually to her getting into some crazy argument between him and Jessica in the game.

The Halting Hex reveal

It took about 25 minutes to get to it, but it was finally revealed that the person who had the final temptation of the show. Who was it? Jessica! This was still a shock to us, even if we thought there was a chance she’d get it.

This did create some good drama, though, mostly because Jessica could stop the eviction if she wanted to. Yet, she isn’t supposed to be going home.

The Eviction

Jessica opted to not use the Halting Hex, and the vote to send Dominique home was unanimous. There was no hinky vote this time around, which is pretty rare for this season. Also, Paul’s still wearing that stupid snake costume. During the post-eviction interview, Dominique was told about the twist that could send her back into the game — and we really hope that happens for drama’s sake. Cody’s being remembered a tad too fondly following his time in the game.

The Battle Back introduction segment was actually pretty funny, especially Cameron since he had almost nothing to say that was relevant.

When will the live feeds return?

If you are interested in getting a further answer to that question, just be sure to head over to the link here! We’ll have some more coverage tomorrow, including hopefully a new interview with executive producer Allison Grodner. (Photo: CBS.)

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