Teen Wolf season 6 spoilers: Tyler Posey on Scott – Malia possibility

Teen Wolf season 6When Teen Wolf season 6 returns later this month, it is already clear one of the crazy things that you’re going to see: More of the relationship between Scott and Malia. This was first teased in the recent trailer for the show’s return, and based on what we’ve learned via San Diego Comic-Con today, it seems like this is the product simple of some characters having good chemistry and the writers wanting to explore that a little bit further.

In speaking (per TVLine) about the pairing, first revealed via steamy shower scene, executive producer Jeff Davis offered up the following:

“It started to feel like a natural progression to the relationship. It was the last season of the show, and [one of the things] that you want to do in the last season is go down paths you haven’t gone done before … We started putting hints in 6A, and the writers were really into it.”

Davis also said that he is prepared for whatever sort of backlash he receives, which we imagine is in part because this is the sort of show where there can be backlash for pretty much anything. Teen Wolf fans are among the most passionate among any out there, but the flip side that does go along with this is that these same fans have a passion that can at least lead to frustration when things happen that they don’t either like or approve of. You really have to be prepared for more or less every avenue in that regard.

Tyler Posey, meanwhile, offered up some thoughts on another key question: How Stiles will feel about his best friend getting together with his ex, especially since they even had some steamy scenes of their own in the past:

“I think he loves us, and they’re not together anymore. If one of my exes got with one of my best friends, I’d think it was really cute [as long as] they were really happy with each other.”

In the end, we figure that Stiles will be fine given that he has his own love interest in Lydia, and there’s been a good bit of distance at this point between where the show picks up and when the relationship first started up between him and Malia. While we wouldn’t say that it is ancient history, it’s enough on the back burner that it won’t be looked at as some terribly offensive thing that Scott is now closer to her.

There are some other problems that these characters are going to have to deal with, as well, and these could further cause any sort of angst to be buried. After all, there will be some new threats emerging in the final stretch of episodes, including some sort of terrifying spider-creature that should serve as perfect nightmare fuel for many people out there.

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