Big Brother 19 spoilers: Eviction, Battle Back, Den of Temptation status

Battle BackAlas, the news is true: The Big Brother 19 live feeds are now down and out of commission for a rather long time … at least by show standards. They went down this morning, and they will remain MIA until tomorrow night after the Battle Back show is over.

This is the first thing that you should note at the moment: Regardless of what happens tonight with the Halting Hex temptation, you are still going to have this show tomorrow night. It’s feasible that Cody, Jillian, and Cameron could just all face off for a chance to move forward without anyone else taking part. The one thing that we will remind you of is that the Battle Back will be somewhat different this year; Allison Grodner told us last week that there will be a “wrinkle” to what the show does with this.

Let’s take a moment now to assess who could be heading to the Battle Back tomorrow, provided that the Halting Hex temptation is not used. As of right now, it looks like it will be Dominique, though Paul did float this morning getting rid of Jessica instead. We understand where his logic is with this, given that he knows there’s a chance that Cody could re-enter the game; meanwhile, Dominique is already isolated from much of the house, and she may be less of a threat moving forward. Jessica, meanwhile, has done a good job rebuilding relationships with some people. If we’re Paul, though, we’d still want Dominique out given that she seems much more proactive on poisoning the house against you. Cody’s such a big, obvious target that if he comes back, people will probably want him gone anyway.

The craziest thing going into tonight is that we still don’t know who has the temptation, but right now we only have three serious candidates: Dominique, Jessica, and Kevin. We still think that it’s Dom who has it given that she’s who the majority of the people online seemed to be voting for; the only reason we think it’s Kevin is because he isn’t the sort of person to go and shout it from the mountaintop. He’d probably keep it to himself until there is an opportune time to share it. He may actually be hoping that he doesn’t have to at all and it can be an insurance policy, similar to what we saw Paul try to do with the Pendant of Protection before his spot was blown up in front of everyone.

When the feeds come back…

They’ll return on Friday after the Battle Back episode airs, but we’ll talk about this more a little bit later tonight as we talk about the fallout from the episode and what could be coming moving forward on the show.

For now, just share your expectations for what’s next in the comments! Meanwhile, also take a look at our last live-feed update from earlier this morning. (Photo: CBS.)

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