Outlander season 3: See the epic Print Shop booth at Comic-Con!

Print ShopOutlander fans, it’s all happening! Tonight is preview night at San Diego Comic-Con, which effectively means that everyone is getting set for a crazy stretch of time coming up. Today, some of the fine folks at Starz had a chance to get together and take a photo in front of the official booth, which you can see below.

For everyone working the Outlander booth, the time of this photo being taken may also be one of the few moments of quiet that they have from now until Sunday! It’s going to be a very busy stretch, and there are very few shows that are more in-demand than this one. We expect plenty of crowds at the booth (which is booth 4029, for the record) for everything from prizes to information about the autograph event happening this Saturday. You can read a little bit more about that by heading over to the link here, which is where all of our information is located for Outlander fans ready to engage in some SDCC festivities.

We have to say that this is also a rather pleasing booth, and not just because everyone in the photo is wearing kilts. One of the things that you often find at Comic-Con is that there are a lot of very new-age and high-tech displays. At a certain point, all of that sort of blends together. With the color scheme here, it’s going to stand out on the show floor. Of course, the whole idea here is to mimic the famous Print Shop from the Diana Gabaldon series, which will be the focal point of at least one key scene in the third season. It also just so happens to be one that was teased in the recent trailer for the show.

While we anticipate that the convention is going to be a real treasure trove of all information pertaining to the show, we also don’t expect this to be the last venue for news on it leading up to the September 10 premiere, either. Remember that there’s likely going to be an extended press tour featuring the cast, which may include a few TV appearances here and there, as well. This is where many of the show’s awards, including the wins at the People’s Choice Awards, should come into play to getting the cast some great venues for appearances.

If you’re at the convention, we hope that you have a fantastic time! We’re with you in spirit, though there is a part of us that bemoans the fact that we tend to only be at the convention on the years that the show isn’t there. It’s both accidental and a huge bummer.

What do you think of the design of the Outlander booth, and are you planning to stop by? Share now in the comments!

If you missed it…

Earlier today, we did write a good 1,200 words breaking down the season 3 trailer. We do hope that you take a look at that and share your own impressions. (Photo: Starz.)

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