Suits season 7: The state of Harvey, Paula, and Donna

Harvey, PaulaMrs. Carter: Is Suits in for a romantic shakeup, one episode into its seventh season?

On the premiere episode last week, one of the things that we saw that simply stunned us was the resturn of Harvey’s therapist Dr. Paula Agard. This is a character who we enjoyed having the first time around, given that she opened up Harvey to a very different manner of thinking and caused him to ask some very important questions about himself. It is thanks to her presence that we feel like that he was actually able to go back and confront some of his feelings, including some of the ones that he was holding onto regarding his mother.

So, to shift things in a romantic direction was surprising — though emotionally, it makes sense. Harvey is looking for someone to transfer some of his thoughts and feelings onto, and while he may be ready for more of a commitment than he’s been in the past, he may not be fully there just yet. A relationship with Donna, the person who many fans want to see him with, may still be a little bit elusive and challenging. He’s clearly closer to being at a point in which he is ready for such a relationship, but he’s not there yet for being in one with her. These things do take time — seven years is a long time, but these are people with a lot of issues to work through. Harvey thinks that he can get what he needs from Paula, but the reality he’s not facing is that he doesn’t really know her. He’s thinking of her as this wonderful beacon of advice and care, but she was being paid to offer that for him. There may be an attraction there, but there is no mutual connection.

We do also maintain here that Paula’s decision to date a former patient of hers also says that she is a person who is working through some problems of her own; such a relationship can work, but she is also clearly reaching for something that she’s found unattainable. As these two find more of their true organic selves, they may realize that their right partner is someone else. This relationship is almost a training ground for the two of them into something that is real, emotional, and raw. It could work, but it’s best not to hold your breath.

The hope for Harvey and Donna

The biggest reason for “Darvey” optimism moving out of the premiere is the fact that Donna has a title to match her contributions to the firm. Harvey, Mike, and others have always known that she is far more than her title, but there is something wonderful about having that officially. There’s more freedom, more power, and more confidence. The biggest thing that Harvey has to watch out for is that Donna will remain in demand; she’s a highly-coveted woman, and it’s going to stay that way for a while.

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