Chicago Fire season 6 spoilers: Fifty Shades of Grey alum in

Fifty ShadesWith Chicago Fire season 6 production getting set to heat up, doesn’t it make sense for someone to come on board who is associated with a red-hot franchise already? (Yes, we know that tease is about as hokey as hokey can be.)

Sources confirm that Eloise Mumford, best known for her work in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, is going to be recurring in the role of Brett’s old friend Hope, someone she’s known for so many years and someone who may have a tough time at first getting accustomed to the bright lights and the craziness of Chicago. The fun of getting a character like Hope on the show stems from recreating a feeling of freshness six years in. Right when you start to get used to a world, you then have to find a way to mix things up once more.

For Sylvie Brett, we definitely think that she is someone who’s certainly gone through all sorts of chaos already. After all, over the course of the past year she’s had a hot-and-cold romance with Antonio Dawson, moved in with Cruz and Otis, and also continued to build her partnership on the job with Dawson, though the two of them were reprimanded at times for focusing on their own interpretation of the rules rather than the literal definition of them.

Could Hope become an employee at Firehouse 51? We suppose that it’s possible, just as it could be that she becomes a love interest for one of the other core characters. We’re certainly a proponent for giving Otis a little bit of loving, whether it be with this character or someone like Stella who he has such a fun rivalry with already. (Sure, we know that this is a show about more than just romance, but the writers do a good job cultivating some of these arcs.)

It makes sense, given the start of production this week, that some of this news starts to come out. Now, let’s just cross our fingers that the premiere episode delivers some favorable answers to one of the other central mysteries out there: Who survived the crazy events of the recent finale. The fate of Mouch, Casey, and others hangs in the balance, but with Mouch in particular one of the questions that we have is how he sticks around on the show even in the event that he’s not actually dead as a result of the fire. Remember that he was planning to retire from firefighting to pursue a new opportunity; what in the world about going through this sort of experience would make him want to keep putting on the outfit and heading out into the field? He’s putting himself in greater jeopardy.

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