Psych: The Movie: What makes Zachary Levi’s villain so different?

Zachary LeviIf you’re like us, then you are beyond excited to see a collision of fandoms like what we’re going to have a chance to see on Psych: The MovieZachary Levi is the star of one of our favorite shows ever in Chuck, but for the USA series he is going to be jumping over to the dark side for his villain the Thin White Duke. He’s a smart guy, a calculated guy, and also a guy in turn who has so much more of a personal vendetta than many of the typical adversaries on the show do. Typically when you look at villains on Psych, one of their commonalities is that they are acting more out of a desire to hurt/kill people who they are motivated to take out. Meanwhile, on Psych: The Movie this guy seems to have a problem specifically with Shawn and Gus.

In teasing Levi’s presence in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the man behind Gus in Dule Hill offers up a little more in the way of insight:

“He feels like he’s been betrayed and he’s really going out of his way to create hell for Team Psych…Normally over the years at Psych, a lot of our bad guys haven’t really been that good in terms of being bad guys. They were sloppy. This guy [is] pretty specific and prepared for his revenge, and I think the audience is going to get a real kick out of Shawn and Gus and the whole team having to come together like the Avengers to stop the onslaught of this bad guy.”

What is also interesting is seeing how this Thin White Duke operates, and what he could necessarily want with Shawn and Gus in the first place. One of the immediate takeaways that we know right now about the movie is its setting. This is not a project that’s set in the typical Psych – Santa Barbara environment. We’re going to be up in San Francisco for the most part, and presumably there would be less enemies for them there than in Santa Monica.

Regardless of the fact that we don’t know that much just yet about what the story of Psych: The Movie will contain or how the villain will be integrated, it doesn’t take much to be excited. After all, this is Psych, and it still remains one of the best shows of its kind out there. It’s funny, it’s heartfelt, and there is a tremendous rewatchability to some of the episodes where you keep coming back even if you know what happens.

If you missed it recently…

We do touch further on the subject of what’s coming with other Psych movies over at the link here — while nothing is altogether confirmed at the moment, it does seem as though it is fairly likely that there will be more of these projects in the future so long as USA is happy with the ratings performance.

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