America’s Got Talent review: Demian Aditya, The Sunging Trump, & Judge Cuts #1

America's Got TalentTonight, America’s Got Talent kicked off the Judge Cuts round tonight with a guest judge in Chris Hardwick, and that’s exciting as a longtime fan of his. He’s got a Golden Buzzer, and he’s got some jokes geared towards Simon Cowell! He’s almost the David Walliams for this show, and if you read our Britain’s Got Talent coverage, you know already just how much we love him.

Throughout this episode, we’re going to have our take on all of the acts! Be sure to refresh over the course of the night with some further updates.

Sara Carson & Hero – We begin tonight with someone we interviewed recently, and someone who we know really wants to be there. This was so much fun — super high-energy, great tricks, and with a story that even more fun and free than the first time. Hopefully, there’s room in the next round for a great dog act. Also, the dog going over to Simon at the end of this was pretty priceless. Grade: A-.

The Masqueraders – They’re very good at doing some of the sweet Southern blues/soul music. Are they the tightest vocal trio that we’ve seen? Far from it. Putting them through would be more a move recognizing their history as a trio and some of what they bring to the table in terms of creativity. Grade: B+.

Harrison Greenbaum – We also recently interviewed Harrison, and we give him credit for delivering some more great laughs. His bit about being struck by lightning proved to be extremely funny — but the set was also cut very short. Why not give him more? Grade: B+.

Dancing Pumpkin Man – The whole idea of this is incredibly stupid, but there is something very infectious about him. Also, his rapport with the judges may be the best part of this act as a whole. Grade: C+.

Tom London – The technology-based magician tried to impress after a great first audition. The fact that he was able to apparently go around the world for this trick is pretty sensational. There may be something about his delivery that could be stronger, but his style is fantastic. Grade: B+.

Eric Jones – A really fantastic performance here from a guy who certainly deserves this chance to shine. We have certainly seen similar effects before, but much of what made this so much fun was him smashing the buzzer and getting creative with the delivery. Grade: B+.

Angelica Hale – She’s got the Golden Buzzer from Hardwick! Read more about this performance over at the link here.

Yosein Chi – A genuinely terrifying danger act where we legitimately thought every couple of moments like we were going to watch this guy murder himself on stage. Since he didn’t do that, mass kudos for bringing the danger and the fear. Grade: B.

Darcy Callus – A very good singer who delivered a great rendition of Queen’s “Somebody To Love.” We do think on a certain level that the show hasn’t given him enough credit in the midst of all of the other singers that we’ve seen. He’s also very good, especially when it comes to forging that all-important emotional reaction. Grade: A-.

Carlos De Antonis – A really good opera singer, but does he stand out from other opera singers we’ve seen on the show over the years? He’s very good and he has a great personality, but we’re not getting the emotional connection fully. Grade: B.

Just Jerk Crew – By far, the best dance group that we have on the show this season. The moves are fantastic, but there is such a tenacity that they tackle them with that makes them stand out in a sea of sameness. So many dance crews we just get bored of after a minute or two of their performance. Grade: A.

The Singing Trump – Well, that happened. We enjoyed the first part of it more than the second part. This is very silly, very stupid, but we’ll give the Trump credit for being able to sing. The weird thing about this, though, is that he doesn’t actually sound like Trump when he sings. It’s fine for what it is. Grade: B-.

Demian Aditya – This was terrifying, since the entire stunt basically revolved around this man allowing himself to be buried alive while he attempted to escape. This is excellent, and incredibly intense — especially the part where the camera went away and everyone really thought that the dude was dead in the box. We don’t know when he swapped out, but was CRAZY. Best performance of the night, but also probably the scariest. Grade: A.

Results Head over here to read more about who advanced!

Who are some of your favorites from America’s Got Talent tonight? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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