Lethal Weapon season 2 spoilers: Blindspot’s Michelle Hurd to recur

Michelle HurdLethal Weapon season 2 has another new addition and this one should be very much familiar to people who watch another crime series in Blindspot.

According to a new report coming in right now via Deadline, Michelle Hurd is set to appear as a regular across the new stretch of episodes. Her role is set to be that of Gina Santos, someone new being brought in as Chief even above Avery (Kevin Rahm) on the show. She’s going to be very good at her job, but there could be at the same time some rather-bizarre distractions that come up. For example, there is a past that she shares in some form with Murtaugh (Damon Wayans), and there could be some comedy that comes along with that. The site notes that there is going to be what he perceives to be “sexual tension” between the two of them, although whether or not that turns out to be entirely accurate remains to be seen on the show itself.

So what does this mean for Hurd’s future on Blindspot season 3? It’s really a case of good news / bad news, with the bad news being that this gig basically means that she is not going to be a regular on the NBC show anymore. However, the good news is that she is not done with the series, and is still going to be taking on a recurring role. You will still get an opportunity to see her over there, and with the two shows both sharing a studio in Warner Bros. TV, that does make matters a little bit easier.

One of the things that is the most fun about seeing more of Hurd on Lethal Weapon should be adding to some of the chemistry that is already there with that cast. While this show does have its fair share of serious moments and dark sideplots, this is almost a classic crime procedural in both its structure and its format: There are some story-of-the-week cases mixed with larger plots, and amidst all of the action and the drama, there are some moments of really great humor.

Lethal Weapon will be returning to Fox later this fall, so get ready for it to try its hand at a new night in Tuesday after spending the first season leading into Empire. We think that the series did a great enough job of establishing some of its own vibe over the first season that there shouldn’t be all that much to worry about when it comes to a second go-around on the air.

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