Beyond Scorpion season 4, what is the series’ lifespan?

Scorpion season 4Scorpion season 4 is going to be airing on CBS Mondays this fall, and with that, we’ll get a chance to see what’s ahead for Toby, Happy, Walter, Paige, and the rest of the gang. This is a show that tends to be fairly steady, but also one that doesn’t come with a lot of headlines. In general for most of the summer things have been fairly quiet on the Scorpion front, with very little in the way of news getting out there.

Are we starting to close in on the end of the show’s run? How much more life is left in the show’s tank? Both are good questions, especially when you consider the progress that the show has already made. They didn’t wait until season 5 or 6 to pair up Walter and Paige — the two are already an item. Meanwhile, they also have Toby and Happy already married, and who knows what the future holds there? This is a show that’s done more in three years than many shows have done in five, and a big part of that has to deal with episode count. Its most-recent season aired a grand total of 25 episodes, and for the record, there are very few other shows out there that did that in the past year save for this one and Hawaii Five-0.

There are some reasons for the show to stick around beyond season 4, with one of the biggest ones being the power of syndication. After season 4, it’s possible that the show lands itself some off-network homes, and it’s the perfect fit for it. This is a heavy procedural show with a few other elements here and there; it’s reminiscent in some ways of NCIS and Hawaii Five-0 in that there is some humor, but also a ton of action. Syndication could bring the show more money, and in turn, more viewers. It’s certainly cited as one reason for the recent success of the other two aforementioned shows.

On the flip side of the things, Scorpion better hope for a syndication bump given the state of its ratings. Season 3 averaged overall a 1.2 in the 18-49 demographic, down more than 30% from the 1.8 season 2 averaged. Season 1, meanwhile, averaged a 2.3. You’re talking about a show that has lost almost half of its viewership in the demo within two years, and while a timeslot change may be one fact there, it’s not the only one. There are some issues that the producers need to look at beyond just getting the show in syndication, and we hope that they do that. Take, for example, finding ways to make the cases a little more dynamic beyond one of the team members almost dying every week in some freak accident that the team tries to stop from escalating.

For now, we don’t think season 4 will be the show’s last even with the ratings drop. It’s still one of CBS’ strongest 10:00 p.m. Eastern shows, and they could always move it elsewhere if needed to. There are still years left to go in the cast’s contracts, and that may help the network financially, as well.

How long should Scorpion season 4 last for?

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