Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Josh, Mark heated over hot sauce (day 27, afternoon)

JoshWe weren’t going to post a Big Brother 19 afternoon update today … but then Josh and Mark fought over hot sauce.

The entire origin story of the dispute today is absurd, given that it started with a simple bet that was made during a game of pool — nothing altogether shocking here, right? Basically, the loser had to drink a little bit of pickle juice and hot sauce. Josh won the game, but there was some controversy over the way in which everything happened; specifically, Mark felt like Josh double-tapped his ball, and as a means of expressing his “rage,” we ended up seeing Mark throw the drink in Josh’s face. What escalated from here was pure insanity and Josh being Josh — ranting, raving, declaring that he is a grown man, and proclaiming that mark disrespected him. It’s somehow unraveled and gone in so many different directions with so many people fighting with each other. Christmas has told Josh he’s done the right thing, Christmas has squabbled with Dominique, Elena’s tried to smooth things over, and somewhere in the midst of everything, Raven’s tried to make a big deal out of hurting her foot.

Basically, Mark did a STUPID thing, but Josh has since become such a whirling dervish as a result of it that this is all another reminder to people that they don’t want him in the house all that long … even though Josh is insisting to Kevin, Alex, and Jason that he will never turn against them. THIS DUDE VOTED AGAINST THEM AT THE JILLIAN VOTE. Anyway, that’s Josh for you. He’s such a loose cannon that you don’t know what’s going to happen.

What we will say for the time being is this: The afternoon feeds today have been gold, and some of the most fun from the standpoint of comedy that we’ve had. It’s been helpful in offsetting some of the super-uncomfortable stuff surrounding Paul and the Veto Meeting from earlier.

For the record, the real winners of the madness this afternoon are the people who are just letting Josh explode and sitting back / enjoying it. We’re talking about the people like Kevin, Alex, and even Paul to a certain extent. They realize that Josh is just creating an enormous target on himself, and they can hide behind that for a week. The funny thing is that even if Cody returns via the Battle Back, he may even be able to hide behind Josh if he continues some of these crazy antics.

At the moment, odds are that Dominique is still going home — we’re not getting a sense of anything otherwise, and Jessica continues to do a good job of laying low.

Later tonight, we’re probably going to have another update from the Big Brother live feeds over at the link here. Be sure to come back to check that out! (Photo: CBS.)

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