Stitchers season 3 episode 6 review: Secrets and eSports

Stitchers season 3 episode 6 reviewHaving procedural stories about eSports seems to be one of the trendy things these days. We’ve seen this within Elementary and Bull, and on Stitchers Monday night, the death of a gaming superstar and innovator named Jake threw us back into this show’s version of the world.

While we’re not an eSports player, we are a very avid video-gamer and did feel like the show did nail some aspects of what the events are like — including the rather large venues. As for the surprising motivation behind Jake’s death, that wasn’t what we saw coming. Of course, they had to name one of the prominent female characters in the episode Zelda … right? Had to do it.

We don’t tend to speak too much about the case-of-the-week plots, mostly because we do think that Stitchers is mostly a show about relationships and, stitch by stitch, some of them are getting better. However, none are at the point just yet where they are stable.

Linus and Ivy – Easily, they are the pair that is the most hot-and-cold. In some ways, the two are complete opposites. There’s some passion here, but there are also secrets — and Ivy being in some contact with her and Kirsten’s father is a pretty big one! That’s going to be trouble, don’t you think?

Amanda and Camille – We do think in this case that Amanda is being a little harsh on Camille, someone who just has some social awkwardness and probably didn’t just focus on her words properly. There was a lot of foot-in-mouth that is going on here, but we do think that the two care about each other and this is a situation that can be worked out.

Kirsten and Cameron – In the midst of the case tonight, these two did have a chance to talk a little bit about Cameron accidentally getting her mother moved. She’s definitely still angry about it, but also realizes that it’s not something that was done intentionally. He’s working on getting that trust back, but it’s not quite there just yet.


This episode was a step down from last week’s “Parentis,” mostly because that was such an interesting, deeply personal hour and it was hard to match both that level of power and emotion. While there were some cool moments in here and we always love seeing gaming represented on TV, at the same time we did want probably a little bit more long-term progression to some of the storylines that were on the show this time around. In the end, there really wasn’t all that much other than some steps to get the relationships back together. That’s great, but far from the only part of the show. Grade: B.

Where does Stitchers go from here?

In the event that you are interested in scoring some further scoop related to Stitchers and some of what the show has planned next, be sure to head over to the link here right now! We’ll have more on the ratings a little bit later in the week. (Photo: Freeform.)

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