Chicago Fire season 6 ready to start filming; other teases!

Chicago Fire season 6Are you ready to get Chicago Fire season 6 on the air? Personally, we know that we are! Filming is beginning in Chicago this week. With that, let’s spend a moment here resetting where the board is and some of the pieces that are on it.

Let’s start here with a major discussion of cliffhangers — at present, the fate of many different firefighters hangs in the balance. Mouch (Christian Stolte) had a heart attack while in the midst of a burning building; meanwhile, Casey removed his helmet in order to get a message to his wife Dawson. While there are other firefighters in danger in that building, including Severide and Kammell, we’re a little more optimistic about their fate, given that they weren’t hyped all that much in the cliffhanger for the story.

On the other side of the cliffhanger, there are some other interesting stories that you could be getting a chance to check out. With that, we present some of the newest teasers via executive producer/showrunner Derek Haas right now.

1. There will be some more fun for Cruz / Otis / Brett – These three have had an interesting relationship (to put it mildly), and we’re going to see that play out further over time. Haas mentions a little of this in the tweet below, while reiterating something that we’ve heard already — we’re going to get a cool chance to meet someone from Brett’s past on the story coming up.

2. A little bit about Otis and Stella – We’ll admit that we love Otis / Stella scenes more than almost any other on the show right now — they’re often tremendously funny, and there is a part of us that does wonder if the relationship is going to evolve into something different than it is. There’s no indication of that from Haas, though — all he says is that the two have a “good scene” in the first episode.

3. Conflict from within – This is the most cryptic tweet that Haas shares, but also perhaps the most interesting. After all, this may be evidence that even with a community as closely tied together as Firehouse 51, there can still be discord and things that fall apart. We may not want it, but that’s still something that could happen.

We just hope that if there is some strife within the firehouse, it doesn’t stem so much from anything that happened in the cliffhanger out in the field. Also, fingers crossed that it doesn’t split up any of the close bonds that are there in the firehouse, whether it be romantic relationships or something else.

Is there anything that you do want to see for some of these characters on Chicago Fire season 6? Be sure to share below!

Also, head over to the link here in the event you want some further insight right now on the show and what’s coming up next. (Photo: NBC.)

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