The Loch season 2: Should it happen on ITV?

Loch season 2

Following last night’s finale, should The Loch season 2 come to pass over on ITV? It’s a worthy question, but don’t hold your breath.

The first thing worth noting here at present with the British drama is that the original conception of this was as a six-part miniseries set to air over the summer. Last night technically was meant to be the final episode, and story-wise it makes sense in some ways.

Yet, it would be wrong to say that the finale last night resolved everything when it comes to the story — there are many questions still about Jordan/Kieran, and questions aplenty surrounding if a certain bludgeoning could have happened. There were enough loose ends in that episode that there may either be alternate explanations or opportunities to explore more of this world if the folks over at the network deem it so.

Based on the ratings, however, we’re not altogether sure that a season 2 is that likely. While the show did hold firm with its audience over the final weeks of the season, there were some declines that happened before that. The last thing that ITV would want is for the show to be off for another year or two, and then come back and have nobody remembering it. Bringing more of the story is a gamble, and it’s not one that they really need to make. Also, ITV has a wide roster of other programming already, and they are comfortable with a limited series format. It’s very familiar to them, and they’ve got a ton of other shows out there that will be premiering.

Heck, we’re still waiting to learn the future of Grantchester on ITV, so this is a network that clearly is in no hurry to confirm many things when it comes to its programming. Therefore, the biggest piece of advice that we’ve got for you now is to just stay tuned — if there is something more to announce, we’ll have it for you here! For the time being, though, the assumption that we have regarding the future of The Loch is that we have officially reached the end of the road for the show. (After what happened to Home Fires, we try not to keep our hopes up about too many British drama series.)

Do you want to see The Loch season 2, and do you think that there is more story to tell within this world? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments below. (Photo: ITV.)

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