Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Dominique’s thoughts on Paul (day 25, evening)

DominiqueThe Veto Ceremony is happening pretty early in the Big Brother 19 house tomorrow morning, and we’re starting to get a sense of what could happen. Dominique’s going to stay on the block, and she’s in huge danger of going home.

Beyond all of that, we’re starting to get a sense of what she could do when it comes to trying to blow up Paul’s game. She led a lengthy rant against him this afternoon on her own, where she actually said a number of things that were logical and intuitive. For one, she realizes that there was someone else who was involved in Paul getting a target on her — that person was Cody, who’s not in the house anymore.

The thing that she does need to watch out for is proclaiming that Paul disrespected her religion publicly. It’s totally cool for her to think that, and we’re far from the barometer of telling people what’s respectful or not in this space. The issue here is a perception within the house — if the other houseguests sympathize with Paul over what she says, that puts an even bigger target on her. If she can present accurate information in terms of what Paul’s done to hurt many other players, that’s the one way she may be able to save herself — an alternative and someone who can be used to get Paul out of this game.

This is why nominating Mark as a replacement nominee is so smart, given that it guarantees that the two allies are working with each other. Dominique may feel a little more hurt and unwilling to fight against him as a result of that. That’s what Paul is hoping, and Jason and Alex seem intent, at least for now, in not keeping Jessica on the block.

The biggest thing that Dominique needs to do is … well, something. She can’t isolate herself from the house and spend her time being upset. It’s okay to do that now, but come tomorrow she needs to get back out there and fight and convince people that she’s worthy of being kept around.

There is still one potential thing that could save her in the Den of Temptation twist, which still has not been handed down in the game. If she gets it, everything is different. Given that the other leading contenders to get it at the moment are probably Alex and Kevin, we don’t see either one of them being all that interested in doing anything to get her off the block and safe for the next week. (All indications are that this will be revealed on Wednesday.)

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