Power season 4 episode 4 reaction: On Tommy’s kill, Angela’s revelation

Tommy's killOn Sunday night’s new episode of Powerwe had a chance to see a wide array of important surprises for some of these characters — in the end, though, what we saw in this episode was many different people coming together for different reasons. Or, at least there were some considerations as to whether or not they should come together. Nothing quite works out all of the time in the way that it’s anticipated.

Following the episode, showrunner Courtney Kemp did her best to (as she often does) give a few more thoughts on some of the big events of the episode. Check out some of what she had to say in quote form below!

On the overall theme of this installment – “[This] is really about being a team to get through this situation. Power is all about shifting alliances.”

On that moment of Angela coming to Tasha, and trying to appeal to her better sense of judgment and the deal that Ghost turned away – “There’s this idea that Angela appeals to Tasha based on their shared history … saying ‘look, is there any way that we can come together?’ Now, we’re getting to a place [where this could be an interdependent system] and that’s nice. That’s the growth of having a show with multiple seasons.”

On Tommy killing someone in Proctor’s home – “Proctor does not want to be on a team with Tommy, but unfortunately, he is. Proctor has now had a murder happen in his home, Tommy’s a complete psycho … [but] he is so smart to do it — it makes he and Proctor accomplices … Tommy didn’t know about the report, so it allows us to have another source of tension between Ghost and Tommy.”

On Angela realizing that Ghost didn’t hide the gun – “… There’s proof Ghost didn’t hide the gun. One of the defining qualities of Angela is that she’s a perfectionist. If she had only been able to convict Ghost for killing Greg and he was actually guilty, it would have cleaned up her mess. Now, she’s realized in this moment that she’s made a bigger mess than ever.”

Overall, Kemp and the writers have done a very good job now of laying the foundation for what’s going to be a crazy remainder of this season. We imagine a complete assortment of various surprises left and right, and this will help to further lay the groundwork for the remainder of the season. More lives could be in jeopardy, and who knows? Ghost could be out of prison soon. Some of the groundwork has already been laid given what Angela has. She obviously knows that the man is guilty of many different things in this world. It still matters, though, that he’s not guilty of this. 

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