Power season 4 episode 5 spoilers: Angela’s next move with Ghost

Power season 4 episode 5Moving into Power season 4 episode 5, it’s pretty clear that things with Ghost, Angela, and others are going to explode.

In the promo that aired after tonight’s episode, you are going to see Angela paying Ghost a visit behind bars and asking him how she can possibly trust him. Does she know now that Ghost didn’t hide the gun? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that she understands everything that happened yet. She has suspicions, but she needs to get to the bottom of everything. Perhaps the most unfortunate issue that she faces here is simply the one where no matter what she finds, she’ll probably be forced to deal with some prejudice and people not wanting to trust her, mostly because of the fact that she had feelings for Ghost at one point. She’ll be viewed as untrustworthy, and with that will need to figure out some other way to prove to the masses that she is the real deal and therefore worthy of some trust.

Beyond all of the Ghost – Angela stuff going on, there are plenty of other questions.

1. What happens next for Ghost’s representation? – While Ghost technically does still have a lawyer, it’s also clear that Proctor is no longer a part of the case. Joe has to figure out how he can still help while facing the terrible possibility that there is no way he can be directly involved. Also, he has to deal with working with Tommy, someone he probably doesn’t want to work with but feels as though he has no choice but to do so now.

2. Will Tommy help LaKeisha? – By getting feelings involved here, this relationship is now officially all sorts of messy. It’d be one thing if Tommy was into someone unrelated to the case, but this is Tasha’s best friend and she’s going to have to deal with a lot.

3. Will Mike Sandoval cover his tracks? – As he starts to realize that there could be suspicion starting to come his way, is he going to be able to notice and do something about it in time? The target could start to float on him soon, given that Angela did at least see his name on the video records.

This next episode does mark the halfway point in what is a very strong season 4; therefore, we anticipate the momentum building from here. We’d be surprised if Ghost remains behind bars for the remainder of the season, but crazier things have happened on this show. The bad news is that when he’s out, he still has another big-time issue to deal with: Kanan causing all sorts of drama in his life with Tariq, and he doesn’t even know about that at the moment.

What do you think is coming on Power season 4 episode 5?

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