Poldark season 3 episode 6 review: Drake arrested; Morwenna’s sacrifice

Poldark season 3 episode 6 reviewIs you were looking for romance and plenty of angst, Poldark season 3 episode 6 effectively brought that in spades from start to finish. Of course you had the typical drama with Ross and Demelza, but then also Caroline caring for a suffering Dwight and Morwenna deciding that she doesn’t want to run away from Drake anymore — thank goodness — after everything that they’ve been through.

Drake challenged him at one point in the story that Morwenna just come out and say if she doesn’t love him … and she certainly couldn’t do just that. While this was going on, Caroline struggled with the lack of connection to her new husband and Ross and Demelza were in the midst of gossip central. To be fair, though, Ross and Demelza were both concerned over their friend, who may never be the same after his capture.

Given how desperate things are between Caroline and her husband, we’re not shocked at all to see an outsourcing-of-sorts of help for the two. There’s a sense of desperation to make sure that he is okay, after all, and everyone is involved. That’s the good news for Caroline: She’s got a large, supportive, and passionate crowd all around her who wants to see that both her and her husband are okay.

As for some other bad romantic news, later in the episode Drake also revealed that there are some plans for her to marry Awful McAwfulface a.k.a. Whitworth, who simply wants her for the sake of having her and not because of love. Drake wants to do his part to find a way to marry her, even though he doesn’t have anywhere near as much to offer in terms of love and status. She doesn’t care about such things, but this is still very much complicated.

George is still George

As a result of that, he is terrible. After getting all bent out of shape that Ross was encroaching too much on his property, he then also got “word” about what Drake had been up to on his property. Basically, it was a toad problem that caused Demelza to chase after him and ensure that he didn’t do anything else to miss with Warleggan.

In getting back to George itself, he decided to reveal that he had found a new home for Geoffrey Charles away from his home … much to the disdain of both Morwenna and his own mother. George also found another way to be terrible to Morwenna in confronting her about her feelings for Drake. She decided to turn down the marriage proposal from Whitworth in order to be with Drake, which lead to George wanting to give her the heave-ho.

Now, things get testy

Basically, George found a way to arrest Drake for theft of goods, and the consequences for this are so severe that he could die. Demelza wanted to plead with the magistrate for his safety, but the problem is that said magister is George. Ross paid him a visit, one where he did everything that he possibly could to reason with George. He did everything that he could to turn the tide on George, including telling him that if Drake hangs, he could have a full-scale riot on his hands. Still, Waleggan wasn’t that interested in his “threats,” which meant that Ross would have to find another angle to ensure his brother-in-law’s safety.

Meanwhile, Whitworth turned up to say that he was about to move on to other potential brides-to-be … until Morwenna turned up. In that moment, we got a good sense as to what was going to happen. Drake may be sent free, but he may lose Morwenna in the process.

The closure on the Dwight / Caroline story came courtesy of a conversation near the end of the episode, one where he detailed the issues that he is having with survivor’s guilt, but his interest in making a new beginning at the same time. It’s too bad Morwenna cannot have the same.

Overall Take

Another fantastic, thought-provoking episode of Poldark that showed very much how awful George can be. This episode gave you hope, only to take out your heart and stomp on it. Grade: A-.

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