Power season 4 episode 4 review: Angela, Ghost, the gun, and the truth

Power season 4 episode 4 reviewAt the end of Power season 4 episode 4, Angela made one key revelation — but alas, we’re not sure that the truth will set her free. Instead, the truth is more likely going to cause a minefield within the District Attorney’s Office.

What she learned in viewing the video footage at the end of the episode was that Ghost was not actually responsible for hiding his weapon. He wasn’t the one who put the wheels in motion at Truth, and therefore, there may be some more innocence to his words than she first thought — in this, anyway. She may absolutely believe and understand that he’s guilty of a wide array of other things, but killing Greg? That may not be the case.

Not only this, but the appearance of Mike Sandoval’s name in relation to the footage should also be enough for Angela to look at this as a sort of red flag in its own right. Sandoval, when looking at everything from a place of suspicion, clearly has the look of a dirty dude. Him working in part to Joe Proctor off of Ghost’s case was another expression of that. He was afraid of what Proctor may have uncovered and didn’t want to take any chances. The footage that he had of Joe with his former client Tommy was enough to have him shaking in his boots.

Speaking of Tommy, it’s pretty dark clear at the moment that he and Proctor are locked into work together, even if it’s not something that Joe wants. After all, Tommy doing what he did (a.k.a. murder in his house) is the sort of thing that will cause Joe serious pause. He’s now an accomplice, and there isn’t a whole lot that he can do other than continuing to collaborate with him.

The attempts to sabotage Ghost

Before Angela made her big discovering regarding Ghost and the gun, she did run a few other schemes — including one where she wanted to get Tasha on herself. He went to her with the news of Ghost turning down the plea deal, which Tasha didn’t love mostly because he didn’t even bother telling him about it. Hey, at least she’s doing a better job communicating, right? She did, after all, go to Ghost in prison with a little more news about that, wondering why he didn’t even talk to her about what he learned.

It’s obvious that in between this and shutting down Truth, the prosecution is doing everything that they can to ensure that Ghost feels the pressure. There’s also the whole issue of the bank not wanting to authorize Ghost’s money, which means that his kids may need to leave their private school … not that Tariq is really committing to perfect attendance there anyway.

Alas, we do need to pour some cold water on the whole Kanan / Tariq storyline at the moment. We know that it’s building to something great, but with it moving so slowly we wouldn’t mind if it took a week or so off. There wasn’t all that much that happened here this time other than Tariq being exposed to more drugs and danger.

Our final verdict

this was a very good episode of Power from the standpoint of character relationships, and it moved the overall Ghost – prison story forward enough for us to be pretty satisfied. What we probably liked about it the most was the simple fact that Angela’s now in a place where she has to compartmentalize her rage and figure out just what she wants to do next. Episode Grade: B+.

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