Is The Real Housewives of Potomac renewed for season 3; should it be?

Potomac renewedIs The Real Housewives of Potomac renewed, and should it be? Tonight marks the end of the two-part reunion show. With that, this is when the long hiatus begins for whatever is coming next with the Bravo franchise.

What we do know at the moment is that the show has all of the makings right now of a series that will last for many more years. Its ratings are reasonably solid, it has a dedicated following, and there is a certain joy that comes with the show’s specificity.

Let’s try to describe it in this way: There are no other shows out there that really look at chronicling life in Potomac, and that is one of the reasons why this succeeds. Heck, there are also probably plenty of people out there who had never even heard of Potomac prior to the show being on the air. This show exposes the region in a new light — sure, sometimes it can be ridiculous and overdramatic, but you can make that claim effectively about any edition of this franchise.

Format-wise, we do also think that Bravo has found a way to make this season work that makes perfect sense. In airing the series following The Real Housewives of Atlanta, what we’re seeing is that this show is being given a tremendous platform in which it can get good ratings for the first part of the season. By the time the Atlanta show concludes and the series is airing on its own, viewers are for the most part already hooked and want to stay through to the end. There is no reason to shake that format up, largely because it works so well in the first place and also because there’s no need for any further editions of the franchise. Think about it: You’ve already got versions of the show in New York, New Jersey, Orange Country, Potomac, Dallas, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills. That’s a lot of different Housewives to follow! It’s really amazing in that sense that the franchise can even exist with seven different shows; it probably helps that not all of them are watched by the same people and they all have their own separate audiences out there.

Bravo does have a little bit of time in order to renew The Real Housewives of Potomac — we don’t think that there is any immediate hurry; as long as they give the show some sort of official order in the weeks / months to come, they should be good for the future. Even if they didn’t, there’s still not much stopping them from bringing the show back down the line. They have flexibility on their side.

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