When does Grey’s Anatomy season 14 start filming?

Grey's Anatomy season 14 start filmingWhen will Grey’s Anatomy season 14 start filming? At around this time of the year, it’s absolutely a good question to ask.

In terms of getting a precise answer, what we’ve got for you is fairly simple: Some of your favorite fictional doctors will be back to work next week! In a new post on Twitter, this was seemingly confirmed (more or less) in a new post from Camilla Luddington, who is looking forward to getting back on set with her TV love interest Justin Chambers (who plays Alex). Granted, the two haven’t been in the best place in a rather long time now, but there is definitely still some hope for their future. They ended the season in a far better place than they began, but there’s still a major dark cloud hanging over them in Jo’s husband. She is not aware that he traveled out and pursued him at a conference, and even though he did not actually do anything, it may not matter all that much and be seen as a breach of the trust that the two parties have regardless.

In the end, the biggest reason to be hopeful for the future of Alex and Jo is just that they’ve got a ton of supportive people around them who also understand that romances are complicated, and that bad things can happen to otherwise good people. The relationship between these two characters clearly had some highs and lows, but with Jo turning down DeLuca and with Alex obviously still holding a candle for her, it will be interesting to see more of what happens.

Filming for Grey’s Anatomy season 14 will go from this month until later in the spring; clearly, there’s a lot of time in there to cultivate good story, but one of the only things that is known at the moment is that we’re going to have an opportunity to see the firefighter spin-off spawned. We’ll have to see what that show looks like, but given that it’s coming from Shonda Rhimes, it goes without saying that it will probably be emotional and that expectations are going to be fairly high.

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