Should Tom Holland host Saturday Night Live premiere?

Tom HollandWhen it comes to our Saturday Night Live coverage here at the site, we like to get very far ahead. Today, we’re doing so with Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland as we wonder whether or not he should host the upcoming premiere.

Earlier this summer, we posted something very similar in regards to Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman, and both parties do bring many of the same skills to the table as a potential host — they also each have the same appeal in terms of being movie stars. For their premieres, SNL does often like to have people who were big in the months leading up to the show — think in terms of Chris Pratt or Margot Robbie. Both Gadot and Holland are in the midst of very great summers.

When it comes to Tom in particular, the biggest thing that he has over Gadot is recency — his movie came out just this past week, and both were enormously successful. Tom also does have a pretty extensive performing career on stage — he’s well-known for Billy Elliot, and judging from his performance on Lip Sync Battle, this is a guy who’s got ZERO problem whatsoever going up on stage and being a total ham for everyone to see. That’s the sort of host that SNL loves to have given that there is that abundance of energy and a gameness to make fun of themselves.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest things that is working against Tom as a host is simply everything else that is going on at the moment for him. He’s got a part in Avengers: Infinity War, he’s looking at appearing in an Uncharted movie, there’s still more press ahead, and there is also another Spider-Man movie coming up in the not-too-distant future. Doing SNL requires a commitment of a good week or so, and there may also be some stars who are a little more available timing-wise. There could also be another big hit between now and the show’s return this fall that makes Holland more in the rear-view mirror.

Even if neither Holland nor Gadot are hosting the premiere, we do have a feeling that they will each have a chance to someday. SNL loves superhero actors, and these two in particular have the spirit and the self-awareness to do great in studio 8H. Let’s just cross our fingers that it ends up coming to fruition.

Do you think that Holland would be a great host for the SNL premiere? Share now in the attached comments!

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