Beyond Vikings season 5, what is the series’ overall lifespan?

Vikings season 5Vikings season 5 is hopefully premiering on History later this year, and it’s absolutely a pivotal one for the series. Ragnar’s sons are going to be more prominent than ever before, and you also have to say the same thing about Lagertha. The death of Ragnar is in some ways the beginning of a larger tale … but there are still questions as to how long this larger tale will last.

Is Vikings the sort of show that has many more seasons still in the tank, or are we starting to near the end of the road? The first thing that we should point out in the latest edition of our TV Lifespans series is rather simple: There is no word that season 5 is going to be the last one for the show, and we’d be surprised if it is. There is so much material still out there for some of these historical figures that to wrap it all up within a year’s time would feel like rushing.

So how many more years can the show then last? The ratings will obviously play a part in that, given that this isn’t a cheap show to make with all of its location shoots and battle sequences. The show’s 18-49 ratings for season 4 were down around 18% from the year before, though they did do a fairly good job of leveling off following the death of Ragnar. That was enough to quell some concerns that the departure of Travis Fimmel would sink the show. If the show does continue to average near a 0.7 rating in the demo, that’s certainly not bad for cable and could give it life for another couple of seasons. That would give you a chance to focus on some more epic battles, journeys, and conquests for Ivar, Bjorn, and some other characters.

Season 6 or 7 could be feasibly the best time to wrap up the show, for a number of different reasons. For one, eventually you’d lose so many original characters that the show would start to feel entirely different. Also, shows tend to get more expensive to make over time, especially once you get around to this point. Michael Hirst is also one of the most talented writers out there, and maybe at this time he decides to take on something different when it comes to source material.

Ultimately, though, there are probably enough Viking stories and Norse lore that the show could last however long that it wants to, provided the ratings stay okay and Hirst wants to keep writing. It has already shown that it is bigger than any one person.

Do you think Vikings will have more years left in the tank after season 5, and how do you want it to end? Share now in the comments!

Also, head over here to check out one of the first photos from the new season — it’s a good one that features at the center of it Bjorn in a very interesting new locale. (Photo: History.)

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