Power season 4 episode 4 spoilers: Who’s in the most danger?

Power season 4Are we getting near the end of Ghost’s prison arc on Power season 4? It’s a complicated question, and with that, it’s a complicated answer.

There are some situations, based on what we’re seeing at the moment, where Ghost could be finding himself out from behind bars soon — but many of them do revolve around finding a way to pin the mole on someone. Joe Proctor and the rest of Jamie’s team is now onto something, and judging from some of the previews that are out there, for the first time we’re actually starting to see some nerves on the part of Mike Sandoval. He’s the real responsible party for what happened to Greg Knox, and we knew that at some point, he’d start to sweat. That time may be now given that it’s becoming so hard to lock up Jamie — probably way harder than everyone thought that it was going to from the prosecution’s standpoint.

Beyond just Mike, though, there are other people entering this episode that have a reason to sweat.

Angela – Basically, for the entire run of the trial, we don’t see things getting any easier for her because of her history with Jamie. The longer it lasts, the more she runs the risk of saying something or doing something that causes her to have even more trouble in the future.

LaKeisha – We know that Tommy doesn’t want her all that involved in this, given that he cares about her on some level and is a close “family friend” (among other things). The problem is that given Tasha is already involved, and Tommy’s been talked about as a Ghost candidate, he better be prepared for her to get caught in the crosshairs.

Tariq – The longer that he’s running with Kanan, the more worried that we should be for him. Even if Tariq does at some point come to his senses and realize that 50 Cent’s character is bad news, why not just kill Tariq at that point? Kanan has zero obligation to keep him alive — he may like tormenting Ghost when he learns of what he’s doing with his song, but there are other ways to do that. Fear for Tariq.

Of course, you can obviously see that Ghost is in trouble and Tasha is linked to her — the level of danger around the two of them is for now obvious.

Who do you think is in the greatest amount of danger moving into Power season 4 episode 4 this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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