Game of Thrones season 7: What’s the endgame for Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys?


Given that Emile Clarke’s Daenerys is one of the most important characters on Game of Thronesisn’t it time to wonder over her endgame?

To be fair, for the past week we’ve composed many an endgame article talking about various characters, but with Daenerys in particular, there are a wide array of different possibilities for what could come her way. For one, she is a leading contender to end up on the Iron Throne, and for good reason given that she is strong, smart, she has the will to rule, and she has plenty of allies. She already has a massive army, powerful ships, and Varys is already working things in Dorne in a way that could easily work for her. If she can forge something with Jon Snow and the North, she may be able to close in on King’s Landing and House Lannister … if she’s lucky.

Yet, is it almost too predictable that Daenerys ends up on the Iron Throne? That’s something that we’ve wondered when you consider just how stacked the deck is right now in her favor. She’s got an army who would die for her, dragons, political allies, and smart strategists. Meanwhile, King’s Landing is depleted, Euron Greyjoy is a toolbox, and the North has some other priorities.

One of the struggles that we’ve long wondered about when it comes to Daenerys is a rather simple one: Whether or not her eye is a little too much on the prize of the throne, and not enough on the will of the people. She may care about her subjects, but at times we do think that she forgets about what it means to rule and what her true destiny is.

Just think about it this way: The White Walkers are a people of ice, and she has the power of fire that nobody else can. She is the catalyst to turn the tide and end winter once and for all. We don’t see her as a queen, but as a hero and a liberator of everyone. Is it not her destiny to fight and potentially sacrifice herself for the greater good? We have this imagine of her flying in on a dragon, wiping out countless White Walkers, and then disappearing as the war comes to a close and the Night King is defeated. Maybe she dies in the midst of the battle, or maybe she is off stranded somewhere. Maybe she learns through the battle that she is not the right ruler, but she has a different sort of role in the future of the Seven Kingdoms.

As of right now, we’re about 50-50 on if Daenerys survives the series, but for now, it feels assured that she survives season 7.

Will she marry someone?

You can make a case for Jon Snow — even if they’re actually related, it’s not like that is weird for the Targeryan family. Or, maybe she actually marries Tyrion (forget the Sansa wedding), Ser Jorah rides in like the creepy white knight he is, or she’s as impressed by Pod as everyone else. Okay, we’re joking on the last one … or maybe the last two.

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