Beyond The Blacklist season 5, what is the series’ lifespan?

Blacklist season 5The Blacklist season 5 is coming onto NBC this fall, and it’s clear already that this is a show that is at a precipice. Will it go on several more seasons, or is it staring at the beginning of the end? Both are worthy discussions for our TV Lifespans series, where we look at the longevity for many beloved shows.

For The Blacklist, it’s entering an interesting spot for season 5. It’s moving to arguably a better timeslot in Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, but it’s also the first time that it’s aired on the night. It also has some competition there from Survivor over on CBS and an on-the-move Empire over on Fox.

Story-wise, it’s a show that has also resolved, seemingly, one of its biggest mysteries: Whether or not Raymond Reddington is really Elizabeth Keen’s father. The DNA proves that he is … or we should say that the DNA from many decades ago proves that he is. The distinction there is that there’s the imposter theory floating around out there suggesting that the Reddington we’ve come to know is not the same man. It’s an interesting topic, and it’s one we’ve discussed over here. That’s not really the point of this article. The question that has to be asked in the context of this article is this: Is there enough of a carrot dangling over the heads of casual fans to convince them to keep watching? Personally, we think so, but the proof will be in the ratings this coming fall.

One of the things going for the show is that it’s popular all over the world, it has a very good streaming deal with Netflix, it’s inspired comic books and other merchandise, and it’s got some really great actors in the cast. We don’t look at the cancellation of The Blacklist: Redemption as a sign that this show is done; the only way we foresee that happening next season is if the ratings plummet below a 0.8 or so in the 18-49 demographic on a regular basis.

Let’s talk money

If there is a time to worry more about the future of The Blacklist, it may be around season 6 or season 7 — otherwise known as the time when new cast members start to get new contracts. Networks take on more of the salary burden over time, and shows often get more expensive as people get raises. At that point, NBC may decide to cut bait with the show if the numbers continue to fall — but for now, there should be no reason to end it at season 5, provided that the cast all signed the typical six or seven-season deal before the show began.

If you love The Blacklist, keep watching live, streaming, or doing anything that you can to support the show in a way that makes it income. While advertisements in the like may be expendable to some in a DVR / Netflix age, they’re valuable to keeping around beloved shows and are therefore, very much worth it.

How long do you think that The Blacklist will last on NBC? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here for some further teases right away when it comes to the series. (Photo: NBC.)

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