Big Little Lies season 2: Reese Witherspoon and a progress report

Reese WitherspoonIs a Big Little Lies season 2 closer to happening now than ever before? Nothing is confirmed just yet, but there is reason to hope.

For one, we know that the demand is clearly there among viewers — it was beloved by pretty much everyone who watched it. Beyond that, we also know that there is plenty of interest from HBO, given that the ratings for the first season only improved as the show went on. There is virtually zero reason to think that anyone would be upset if the show wasn’t to continue.

The one thing that remains is if original author Liane Moriarty has the story in mind for the show to continue. The cast in the past has said that their participation in season 2 is based heavily on her involvement; in echoing that today per Deadline in a post-Emmy nomination chat, star Reese Witherspoon had the following to say:

“We had initial conversations with Liane Moriarty and she’s thinking about it, it’s up to her.”

Meanwhile, Witherspoon’s co-star Nicole Kidman made it clear that Moriarty is coming up with some ideas, and she is certainly excited and interested to see what she comes up with. There are many cast members from the first season of the show who could theoretically return, but one Emmy nominee this year who clearly will not is Alexander Skarsgard. His character of Perry was killed at the end of the first season, and ultimately this was the culmination of everything that the show was building towards all season long.

If a Big Little Lies season 2 happens…

The biggest thing that we can say on that subject right now is that it’s not going to be for a rather-long time. Remember for a moment or two here that we’re still in the exploratory phase. Beyond that, there will need to be scripts, getting the cast reassembled, and then finding the time to film in a way that works with everyone’s schedules. It’s possible that the second season may not premiere until 2019 or even later if it’s ordered.

While this notion would have been more unheard of many years ago, this is starting to become a little bit more of a norm for many big-budget premium shows. It’s happened in Britain for many years, and now everything from Master of None to Westworld is taking its time more to ensure a show’s quality rather than rushing to get something out there for viewers to see right away. Patience is a virtue, and it certainly can be a good thing for a show like this.

Now, we turn this to you

Do you think that Big Little Lies season 2 will happen, and do you think that it really should? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment!

Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you want some further news when it comes to the show. We’ll have some additional scoop in the future, so stay tuned. (Photo: HBO.)

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