The Night Shift season 4 episode 4 review: Faith in many forms

Night Shift season 4 episode 4 review

While we’ve seen some enormous crises at the heart of The Night Shift in the past, we’re pretty sure there hasn’t been one quite like what happened tonight when a young girl deliberately cut off part of a growth on her face in front of her grandfather at the hospital. Why? Much of that had to do with the fact that she was a Jehovah’s Witness, and because of the religion’s rules against blood transfusions, she saw no other way to get the care that she needed.

The moment that this young woman started bleeding, though, the problem became clear: It was going to be very much difficult to stop it. Scott was desperate to save her, and repeatedly fought to make sure that she didn’t succumb to what was transpiring with her. His determination to do this was such that he was willing to push Jordan and others away — he wasn’t listening. He ended up giving her multiple defibrillator shocks to keep her alive, and briefly, he succeeded. Unfortunately, that success was brief, and her conditioned worsened was more.

While she fought for her life, Kenny took it upon himself to go to the grandfather and have a heart-to-heart with him about his beliefs. While they didn’t necessarily see eye to eye, the two did pray together for the child to eventually be okay. Over the course of the episode’s end, more of the doctors and nurses came into the chapel to wait with him.

In this instance, Scott’s actions and a little bit of prayer apparently helped to turn her around. While the grandfather wasn’t sure that her soul could be saved after all of this, he was grateful to have her around. Meanwhile, Scott felt empowered after saving the girl, and was a little more confident than he’s ever been before.

Elsewhere in the hospital

One of the other main cases of the week revolved around Drew and his attempts to treat a guy who presented a wide array of symptoms. He couldn’t figure out if he was a hypochondriac or he had something else that was going on instead. As it turned out, he was there mostly to “review” the hospital and their work. He hated the job, but it’s something that he still had to do. Drew screamed at the guy at first, but it eventually turned out that they had some common ground — he understood some of what Drew was going through. As it turns out, this guy ended up texting Drew’s mother and ensured that she would come out to see him and Rick. It was a pretty bold move that actually ends up working for him.

We also learned a good bit about Cain in this episode, and also about some of his own history — which included a loved one suffering a tragedy that caused them to become a shell. We learned more about him through his conversations with Jordan, and in turn, we learned more about Jordan’s own past with Mac and trying to figure out a better way for him to go forward.

What was going on with TC?

Halfway around the world, he was still doing everything that he could to save lives. Typical TC, right? It was a daring rescue mission that he found himself on, but a successful one given that he was eventually able to bring a man back to the local ER.

Overall take

This was an episode of The Night Shift that was in many ways about the patients, but we were fine with that given that the cases here were strong. This was a story about determination and faith in many forms. Remember, faith doesn’t always have to do with religion all of the time. Grade: B+.

What’s coming up on The Night Shift next?

If you head over to the link here right now, you can get a little bit more in the way of news on the next new episode of the series. (Photo: NBC.)

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