Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Endurance Head of Household updates (day 23)

Endurance Head of HouseholdTonight, the Big Brother 19 live feeds are going to be on fire, and it’s thanks mostly to the endurance Head of Household competition. It was hyped up starting yesterday, and this could be one of the sort that lasts for a LONG time given that it’s all about determination and which people in the game want it the most.

As always with these sort of competitions, we’re going to be your companion LIVE through all of it! One of the big things to remember here is that Christmas won’t be competing, as she was not medically cleared to return to the house at the time of the eviction show. (The thought of her voting live from a hospital bed is still pretty funny.) As it turns out, she wouldn’t have been allowed to take part in this even if she was present in the house.

Check back soon for some more updates!

7:09 Big Brother Time – The show is over, but everyone for the most part is still hanging in there. Good on them!

7:13 – We have our first person to fall, as Josh hopped off — understandably so. He wasn’t going to win this, so there was little reason for him to even bother trying.

7:22 – Mark is the latest person eliminated from the challenge. Like with Josh, he was much too big to win a challenge like this.

7:39 – Raven has fallen! This one shocks us in theory, given that she should’ve been rather good at this. Unfortunately, her foot injury may have come back to bite her here.

7:56 – Ramses has fallen! That does ensure that some people in the house can start to breathe a little bit easier for the next week. It also means that he’s in big trouble.

7:58 – Kevin’s also down. We gotta give him some credit for doing far better in this than we imagined that he would going in.

8:05 – Matt’s down. Once again, we’re impressed! He’s a bigger guy, so staying up there for that long had to be fairly tough.

8:18 – Jessica is off, and she was followed soon after by Dominique. That’s a pretty big blow to things getting truly nutty. Alex is still there (predictably), as is both Elena and surprisingly Jason.

8:30 – Alex is the new Head of Household! She, Elena, and Jason all made deals with each other … so we shall see if that ends up holding.

If you missed it, be sure to head over to the link here to get some other news and insight when it comes to the Big Brother 19 house now.

We also have a new interview tomorrow with Allison Grodner, so be on the lookout for that. (Photo: CBS.)

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